Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

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Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker


On April 23, Nike, the world's largest sports brand by market capitalization, and RTFKT, a crypto-chic hipster brand, launched their first product based onEtherThe NFT sneakers.

The full name of this Ethernet NFT-based sneaker is.RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks, is a digital wearable item. Obviously designed for use in the metaverse world. Upon its launch, the series of NFT sneakers wasOpenSeaUp for resale with a floor price of 2.5 ETH. At press time, the floor price on the OpenSea platform rose to 3 ETH, or about $8,839.

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

2019YearDecemberNike getsThe patent for CryptoKicks, which is aBlockchain-powered systems, , ,Among themDigital assets can be paired with physical products.2021On December 14, the athletic shoe giant againAcquired crypto-fashion hipster brand RTFKT Studios and explored sneaker NFT.

Today, RTFKT showcased them through a teaser video on social media, the series Nike launched its first ethereum-based NFT sneaker powered by DRM OS and Skin Vial Tech, the video shows how the collectible "Skin Vials" can change the NFT sneaker's The video shows how collectible "Skin Vials" can change the look of NFT sneakers. ItHas customizable and scalable features to achieve different styles.It expresses Nike's vision for the development of sports shoes by 2052.RTFKT says this is "the future of sneakers".

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

The sneakers have a conspicuous Nike blue tick logo, as well as a rather technological liner, which vaguely exudes a mutant atmosphere in the video.

CryptoKicks can be opened via RTFKT's MNLTH Ether NFTs, which were airdropped for free in February to holders of CloneX and other early RTFKT NFTs.

MNLTH is what NFT it? To put it bluntly, it a mysterious virtual item box, the people who have the box will receive air drops from time to time. After the news of Nike NFT sneakers was released, the MNLTH box immediately became quite sought after, many people have great interest in the sneakers, and the price also rose from the original about 7.5 ETH to 10 ETH.

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

The box appearance in addition to the RTFKT logo, the most striking is also decorated with the Nike logo, can be said to be Nike's first titular NFT project.

MNLTH Caseholders can now open the boxes through a designated website thatWhen opened, you will get a total of three items, respectively: ① RTFKT x Nike Genesis NFTSneakers.CryptoKicks; ②RTFKT styledPotion bottles: EVO X; ③Another mysterious metal boxMONOLITH.

The extra potion bottle EVO X is used to combine it with the "basic" NFT sneakers. According to the official video, the combination will change the original plain appearance and bring more colors and shapes to the sneakers.

In addition, the potion bottle is also worth a lot of money, with a floor price of 1.5ETH before the deadline, and the latest mystery box MONOLITH quoted at about 4.85ETH.


RTFKT was officially established in January 2021.RTFKT has been looking up to Nike since the moment they were born, when they set themselves the goal of being the "Nike of the meta-universe".After being officially acquired by Nike, RTFKT's co-creator Benoit Pagotto proudly said on social, "RTFKT is now part of Nike."

The sports brand in the virtual world became known to the public, and it started with Musk. Two years ago, a photo of Musk wearing a pair of CyberTruck-style sneakers to a Met Gala event went viral on the Internet.

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

The shoe, inspired by Tesla's electric pickup truck Cybertruck, has a rugged, Beastie inspired aesthetic. After the event, Musk took to Instagram and Reddit to ask his fans if they liked the "CyberSneaker"?

But the fact is thatThe sneakers called "CyberSneaker" are not real, but were Photoshopped onto Musk's feet by the RTFKT team.

The original picture is the following one.

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

Sneakers are photoshopped! Musk's fans are not surprised. Because, Tesla had released a Cybertruck bulletproof T-shirt with a broken glass graphic on the front inspired by the side window that was unfortunately shattered during the unveiling event.

This T-shirt merchandise can be purchased for $45, Musk dared to make fun of the Cybertruck glass in front of millions of people was broken "failure", so the launch of the "CyberSneaker" sneakers, netizens think it is really It is normal.

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

CyberSneaker" made the front page of Reddit and was covered by many media outlets, with over 50 million views.

RTFKT puts these virtual sneakers on the NFT trading platformSuperRareon the auction for 30 ETH. While some people questioned whether they were real, most didn't even think to ask the question and didn't think it was that important. They were asking how they could own a pair.

As a result, the bidding reached 65 ETH at one point, and finally "CyberSneaker" was sold for $15,000.

It can be said that Cybersneaker's auction has brought RTFKT into the public eye, which is really a virtual fashion world that is hard to distinguish between the real and the fake.

RTFKT : If everything is not true, then everything is allowed.

This is RTFKT's elusive brand motto.

RTFKT's profile reads that it is the first brand born on the internet to first create virtual, while bringing its creations from this world to life by producing "super-made" versions of 1-to-1 IRL sneaker designs. Currently with over 500,000 followers and millions of views on Tik Tok and Instagram, they are also building a fan base eager to own their own designs, both virtual and physical.

RTFKT believes that the future of ownership will be based primarily on unique virtual items, while the physical physical utility of the items and their distribution will become a hobby for a small group of people and celebrities. By auctioning CyberSneaker on SuperRare, they will continue the "meta-universe moment".

In RTFKT's early social media site content, the Gucci Monogram-covered lnfinity Gauntlet Infinity Glove was able to suspend the Jordans; Kanye West and DJ Khaled wore oversized spoof sneakers, and the debut of PlayStation 5 brand sneakers.Despite the complete illogicality of these shoes, RTFKT's posts are quickly attracting a growing number of followers who are fascinated by these virtual products and eager to own them.

Someone once commented on RTFKT saying that if you ever wanted a pair of Jordans when you were little, then when your child is born he will want a pair of RTFKT.

Nike Launches Its First Ether-based NFT Sneaker

Their success is a testament to the impact of virtual branding, is expanding due to the growing share of people's digital lives. The quarantine of the new crown epidemic has forced people to spend more time living online, enabling the accelerated growth of these virtual brands."In a sense, the epidemic has blessed us," says RTFKT co-creator Benoit Pagotto, "and now the fashion world is starting to take a keen interest in virtual spaces."

Acquired by Nike, RTFKT has become one of the most recognizable brands in the NFT field, collaborating with different partners and garnering high prices online. An NFT from its collection with artist Takashi Murakami sold for over $1 million in February of this year.

Many other well-known brands are just beginning to explore the space. For example, Gucci and Adidas have released their own NFTs that function as digital collectibles but also have membership programs. These top brands have found that tokens are a great way to reward fans with different benefits for owners.


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