Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

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Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape


Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

For crypto circles, poor news and information often means money, and a major sports brand with a high national profile seems to have intensively flowed some NFT-related signs recently - the most obvious being the newly opened Beijing Sanlitun flash store on the 23rd, which sniffy friends have already speculated that it may well have secretly purchased the Bored Ape avatar .

Although the public level of the movement is not much, but after the author's combing, I did uncover some recent traces of a sports brand may be in the quiet layout of NFT and meta-universe.

The quiet opening of the NFT layout

As we all know, NFT distribution, especially the well-known IP NFT distribution of recent achievements for all to see, like Jay Bear (PhantaBear), cold rabbit NFT (X Rabbits Club) have brought a certain wealth-building effect, so the well-known brands personally down the IP distribution or derivative of cultural and creative products, no less than the best opportunity for clear cards.

Currently for well-known IP, especially the top national brand IP that naturally sits on huge traffic and very high national recognition, the value is undoubtedly more popular in the market.

Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

The most recent national sports brand, Li Ning, did not make an official announcement, but according to the latest version of QQ QQ show a significant revision, you can basically guess the probability is.TencentTianmei Studio reached cooperationIt is very likely that they will work together to create the Zplan meta-universe game.

What we need to make clear is that Zplan is a meta-universe game scene created by Tencent's Tianmei Studio (yes, the same Tianmei that is Wang Shi Glory), and the QQ show, which is quite familiar to young people, is an insider experience of the ZPlan meta-universe.

This makes the logic clear -China Li Ning is likely to be a partner of Tencent, thus becoming one of the brands to be stationed in ZPlan. That's why we ordinary users can now experience the various product services of ZPlan Yuan Universe inside QQ Show.

From this perspective, since Zplan is an important layout of Tencent's meta-universe, China Li-Ning is the first brand to cooperate with Tencent QQ's Zplan, and this cooperation is undoubtedly an important meta-universe layout and attempt for China Li-Ning.

On the one hand, QQ show in the young people undoubtedly has a very high flow and stickiness, and as the top domestic sports brand IP, China Li Ning current flow and community recognition is also undoubtedly, once the two combined, is likely to set off a new wave of competition in the field of NFT "internal volume".

China Li Ning's NFT and meta-universe ambitions

On March 24, Yuga Labs, the parent company of NFT brand Bored Ape Yacht Club, announced that it is takingValuation of $4 billionRaised a $450 million seed round of funding from venture capital firm a16z.

Many of you must have heard of Yuga Labs or BAYC and seen this style of avatar on social networks or in the news: Bored Ape.

Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

Yuga Labs, known as "Disney in the Web3 world", is covering Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club andCryptoPunksThe NFT series "Otherside" videos of Meebits, CoolCats, World of Women and Nouns have unabashedly revealed their ambitions.

Build a brand meta-universe with BAYC, CryptoPunks and other head NFT series as the core, on the basis of which a series of linked IP, creative works and even physical derivative products and services can be derived, which is the ambition of "Web3 Disney".

In particular, as the core representative of the NFT series of boring apes, not only has long been seen as creating a new paradigm for brand operations, the entry of stars from all walks of life, such as Curry and Jay Chou, has further validated its ever-extending global reach.

In a way, Yuga Labs, backed by the Bored Ape NFT series, has ushered in a new era of open branding, forming a strong community, an open culture, and an IP that contains tremendous commercial value.

That's why traditional venture capital institutions such as Tiger Global and Lightspeed Venture Partners are scrambling to get in on the ground floor, and on April 23 Yuga Labs announced that its new project Otherside will launch on May 1 at 00:00 GMT, as a key part of the NFT meta-universe involving bored apes.It is expected that the whirlwind of the boring ape NFT will continue to spread at an accelerated pace around the world.

As mentioned earlier in the article, China Li Ning may have purchased the Boring Ape avatar with a large sum of money, just from the recent store information in Taikoo Li Sanlitun, Beijing, when China Li Ning erected a movable enclosure in the mall atrium for the construction of a suspected arena.

Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

(Site construction enclosure map)


And it was on April 23 that this suspicion was basically confirmed, as some netizens found that China Li Ning's flash store had opened and wasSimilarSandboxThe meta-universe style, it is claimed that Li Ning will also make the boring ape into an art statue for exhibition starting on the 28thThe association from this point of view, it is possible to open a big brain: the

Li Ning is likely planning to build a meta-universe venue in Sanlitun - restoring a meta-universe venue in the real world so that the purchased bored apes can be used as Chinese Li Ning masters, and subsequently may even try to combine the bored apes with sports trend elements to produce physical products featuring Chinese Li Ning.

Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

Li Ning demolished huge money to buy NFT boring ape

(Opening site picture)


Grass snakes and gray lines, floating pulse for a thousand miles, in fact, many points of explicit action have been assisting in verifying this judgment. In a way, China Li Ning's layout on NFT and meta-universe is to be expected, because it hasUnique brand and traffic advantages.

Under the "China Li Ning" brand, theWhether it is the national recognition, or the accumulation of hip-play IPThe first-mover advantage that other traditional players can't match is that they are more likely to attract a huge number of out-of-the-loop users to experience, use and change the NFT.

For example, in the process of cooperation with Tencent's ZPlan meta-universe, to explore the more practical value of "NFT + sports brands" and reallyCombining it with the sports industry-- Combine the domestic sports trendy play elements under China Li Ning for the production of cultural and creative products, copyright protection of China Li Ning sports brand related IP music video, etc., empowering the cultural and creative innovation dimension, etc., driving the development of sports industry.

NFT is more than simply copying and releasing JPG images with random elements, what matters most is its brand awareness and the community consensus it builds, especially the sense of atmosphere, which is the new "Maslow's Needs" of the so-called Web3 class.


Bored apes themselves, is a vibes.

And this first-mover advantage that has been developed will only become more and more obvious, which cannot be achieved by those crude NFT project parties who wholesale more pictures.

In the current muddy industry context, how to find a way to combine NFT with more areas of legitimacy, especially the power of community consensus and branding truly combined with business, will be the next more "paradigm shift" to look forward to.

So I believe that many people have begun to be acutely aware of how exciting it is to feel the layout of NFT and meta-universe that Li Ning may be carrying out with the help of boring ape NFT this time, and once proven true, it is likely to make a new path for NFT branding and commercial operation.

So whether or not this subsequent journey of China Li-Ning into the NFT and meta-universe goes well, the impact of this event within and outside the community will have gone beyond the event itself.

After China Li Ning, where does Li Ning go next?

On the one hand, because of the national recognition of China Li Ning IP and community fever, it is only a matter of time before other national brands pay attention to or follow suit, which will certainly also cause the domestic IP "in-roll".

Especially with the introduction of real users outside the circle of Li Ning (and many users are Holders who have some knowledge and love of IP such as Li Ning), it is likely to form a benign domestic IP (either brand or tide play element products) NFT industry atmosphere.

On the other hand, in a way, whether it is the community fans of Li Ning or the future NFT holders of other national product IPs, we are all members of the domestic community, a community of interest, and therefore allI hope that the domestic NFT series to make some useful attempts to usher in as soon as possible as the revaluation of the value of domestic top stream IP.

At the same time, the current domestic NFT is not yet practical applications, is a very important underlying reason behind the various market chaos -Digital collections have no practical value except for collection, leading users to engage only in speculation.

That is, NFT is currently still more of an intangible trust, whether it is real-world artwork mapped on the chain to achieve "digital collectibles of artwork" or the chain's native "NFT artwork" (i.e., digital collectibles), which are essentially abstracted nominal ownership and simply mapped.

How to break away from the current "blinders" that are dominated by collectibles, etc.Further apply the "non-homogeneous" feature of NFT to practical application scenarios and real-life pain pointsThis is the key to the next step in the healthy and sustainable development of NFT.

And as a well-known domestic sports brand, theWhether it is brand awareness or the accumulation of hip-playing IP products, China Li Ning has a very high public awareness among a large number of national people, especially the post-80s, 90s and 00s.The subsequent launch of a series of NFT, tide play elements products, or the opening of the first step in the construction of the domestic IP meta-universe pieces, is undoubtedly a community event with its own huge amount of traffic.

To some extent, the current hot NFT market is also a side testimony to the industry's innovative vitality and practical application needs. HowUnder the premise of not violating national laws and regulations and ensuring the interests of all parties, the value and concept of digital collections (NFT) can be realized and brought into play in a real senseIt is something that every participant should strive to do.

Li Ning may have taken a key first step, what kind of waves will be set off, and how the subsequent 99 steps will be taken, let's wait and see.

Statement: NFT Chinese community promotion works, does not represent the position of the NFT Chinese community, and does not constitute any investment advice, please be cautious. If the article / material has infringement, please contact the official customer service to deal with.


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