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Dexnav Black Technology Toolbox

Dexnav Black Technology ToolboxDexnav is a comprehensive and integrated website containing.

Pixie Detection Line K Line Pre-sale Platform
Trading Platforms Cross-Chain Tools Data Analytics
Volatility Alert Digital Wallet NFT Platform
Chain Tour Platform Industry Media Development Tools
Industry News Newbie Tutorial Community Information

We are actively exploring the latest tools in blockchain and the community currently offers operations.
Advertising (no coins for now), project contract customization (Pixie does not accept)
NFT development, chain tour customization, website construction, data monitoring, bulk token sending, automatic K-line brushing, reporting bots, bulk airdrop, lock pool LP, and other project customization.

Project analysts are welcome to enter the private group, if you are a friend who really wants to profit from blockchain.
I invite you to build a high-quality community with me at such an early stage of blockchain development.

1. In-depth research on blockchain field, digging early investment targets and negotiate with overseas institutions/projects for cooperation.
2. Regularly output blockchain project research and analysis reports, with certain grasp and cognitive ability of hot spots.
3. Familiar with overseas social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, Medium, Linkedin, etc.
4. Participate in the post-investment management of blockchain projects, collaborate on the implementation of project exit and improve the return on investment
5. research in cryptography, consensus algorithms, economic models in blockchain and finance.
6. understand the characteristics of mainstream blockchain projects and have knowledge of mainstream public chain projects.
7. the ability to gather information quickly and to analyze and summarize.

Access to internal analytical indicators and fully automated trading arbitrage tools. A number of highly qualified technical analyst friends are available to discuss in-depth project information.


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