Twitter accepts Musk acquisition: or open source algorithm to accept payment in dog coins

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Twitter accepts Musk acquisition: or open source algorithm to accept payment in dog coins


U.S. social media company Twitter announced Monday (April 25) that its board of directors has accepted billionaire Tesla founder ElonMusk(Elon Musk) proposed acquisition deal, and acceptance of the offer to take Twitter private.

According to a press release issued by Twitter, Musk will buy in a cash deal at $54.20 per share for a total value of about $44 billion. Upon completion of the deal, Twitter will become a private company.

Musk responded with a simple statement in a tweet saying, "Free speech is the cornerstone of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where people can discuss matters critical to the future of humanity." "I hope that byEnhancing the product with new features, making the algorithm open source to increase trust, defeating spambots, and authenticating everyone makes Twitter better than ever.Twitter has tremendous potential - I look forward to working with the company and the user community to unlock the future."

Musk's proposed deal to acquire Twitter was unanimously approved by Twitter's board of directors and is expected to close later this year. Musk has secured $25.5 billion in fully committed debt and margin loan financing and will provide approximately $21 billion in equity commitments to complete the deal, the statement said.

Bret Taylor, Twitter's independent board chairman, said in a statement that Twitter's board had given Musk's proposal thoughtful and thorough consideration, particularly in terms of merger value, certainty and financing. "The proposed transaction will result in a significant cash premium, which we believe is the best path forward for Twitter's shareholders."

The Wall Street Journal says that if the acquisition is successfulThis will be one of the largest acquisitions in the history of technology and could have a global impact on the way billions of people use social media in the years to come.

After the news broke that Twitter had accepted Musk's offer to buyDog Coins(Musk has always been a champion of cryptocurrencies, and in addition to talking about dogcoins, his Tesla company isBitcoins one of the largest corporate buyers. Earlier this month, Musk also responded to Twitter'sThe Twitter Blue subscription service has made a number of proposals, including lowering prices, banning ads and allowing users to pay with dogcoins.

Shibetoshi Nakamoto, founder of Dogcoin, tweeted that he wanted Dogcoin to add useful features: 1. improve the commercial application of Dogcoin 2. use Dogcoin as a tipping currency 3. build a bridge between Dogcoin and Ether, allowing it to be used with Web3. Musk responded to this by saying that the first one was positive, the second one was good, and the third one was not needed.

Twitter accepts Musk acquisition: or open source algorithm to accept payment in dog coins

Twitter accepts Musk acquisition: or open source algorithm to accept payment in dog coins

Perhaps soon, we will be able to see dogcoins in Twitter.

However, after Musk takes over Twitter, he will face a series of outstanding questions: Who will be the new CEO of Twitter? How much control will Musk exert? How to achieve freedom of speech on Twitter? ...... We will keep watching.


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