Meta-universe initial form: games, UGC, IP and economic system

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Meta-universe initial form: games, UGC, IP and economic system


Meta-universe initial form: games, UGC, IP and economic system


The meta-universe is a virtual world with the real world and requires a lot of transformation of content production, economic systems, user experience, and physical world content. At present, platforms in the industry that are close to the metaverse form include Sandbox, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, etc. Among them, Sandbox currently has the most complete ecology. In this article, we will analyze this project in the dimensions of user experience, content and content production, and economic system.

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User Experience

From the viewpoint of media medium, games are undoubtedly the most suitable medium for the metaverse world. From the point of view of user experience, theGamesis in the applicationMost interactive, ,The most focused user attentionThe category. In the future, with the emergence of 3A games, the game effects will greatly enhance the sensory impact, allowing players to produce the experience of being in the game scene. As people continue to expand the game form, players will not only stay in playing monsters, but also explore the social, earning and learning functions within the game. Finally, when the popular game becomes a cultural phenomenon and triggers people's discussion, its significance will go far beyond the game itself.

Meta-universe initial form: games, UGC, IP and economic system

Sandbox is the only project with gameplay at this stage, Decentraland and Crypto Voxels are still stuck on the basis of browsing. Browsing means that players can only walk around in the virtual space and cannot do other interactions. In the recent Sandbox Alpha Season2, players can be surprised to find that different maps (games) correspond to different functions: some maps emphasize gameplay (Dracula), some maps highlight cultural output (Snoop Dogg), and some maps focus on science (Star Ferry). When the game begins to have a composite function, people will realize cloud bouncing, cloud exhibition, cloud concert, cloud learning, cloud marriage in virtual space, not just playing and upgrading.

Meta-universe initial form: games, UGC, IP and economic system

Content and content production

UGC is actually not a new term. Youtube, Tiktok, Bilibili and other short video platforms in Web2 all adopt the UGC model, and the perpetual-motion content creation makes the platform have strong vitality. For game UGC, starting from Warcraft 3 as a small trial, to Roblox to carry the concept forward.Game UGC represents an advanced thinking of game creation. Compared to traditional games, which have a very limited lifespan from germination to birth, games based on UGC enable a steady stream of games to be developed based on the underlying architecture, resulting in a sustainable ecosystem. Although Roblox is an epoch-making product, it is limited by the Web2 system, which will be discussed in detail in the last section.

Roblox offers support to developers in that the platform provides tools for creators to help develop their games and serves as a traffic portal to back up the flow of games. In reference to Roblox, Sandbox offers two creation tools for creators. One of them isVoxEditHelp game developers create voxel materials (Assets) and sell them on the market, andGame CreatorIt helps players to build game scenes, place voxel materials and design the dynamic effects of characters.

Meta-universe initial form: games, UGC, IP and economic system

For UGC, the difficulty of the creation tools and the support from the platform are crucial. Currently, Sandbox's creation tools are developed entirely internally and no external tools have been introduced. This means thatFirstFor creators who are not familiar with voxel creation, it takes time to learn and a long cycle from introduction to mastery.SecondThe existing stock of voxel material is far from enough, and the official needs to attract more creators to create and introduce external material. At present, the official opened the incentive program for outstanding voxel works and funded part of the studio, support efforts to be strengthened.

If the meta-universe platform is a spaceship.UGCAsEngineAlready have, and withIP-led contentAsFuelIt needs to be filled in constantly. Some people say that the metaverse is cyberpunk, but in fact it spans the ages and the world, and is both real and imaginary, like a dream. The metaverse can be built in the real world or outside of it; it can be called a metaverse wherever the eye can reach or the imagination can reach. Take Sandbox as an example, the IP can be the familiar Adidas, Warner Music and Snoop Dogg, or the Dracula castle, the Tang Dynasty border town, the underwater world, etc. in the creator's mind. The entry of real-world IPs such as Adidas, Smurf, Snoop Dogg, and Atari has given new life to traditional IPs and made the meta-universe platform more out of the loop. At the same time, the UGC model also encourages the creation of new IPs, such as The Walking Dead and Deadmao5, which will continue to launch games on the platform. As long as the UGC model does not go out, then the content will be constantly iterated and updated.

Meta-universe initial form: games, UGC, IP and economic system

Economic System

The reason for Roblox's limited growth, mentioned above, can be attributed to the fact that Roblox's currency, Roblux, circulates only in the game system and is quite difficult to convert into fiat currency. This has led to a sharp decline in revenue for creators, which is far below the industry average. In addition to the platform, traffic, and creatorsRealization and revenue sharing is the essence of UGCFor example, short-form video platforms are currently using a model of free access to users in order to obtain traffic. For example, the short video platform currently uses a model that is free and open to users to obtain traffic and cash through advertising as well as games. For the Web3 platform, even with FT&NFT's flexibility to reconcile the interests of all parties, it is still prudent to apply and master the economic model. Sandbox involves many stakeholders: the platform, creators, B-side users, C-side players, landholders and pass holders, and once the price of NFT or FT fluctuates drastically and breaks the balance, it will affect the development of the entire ecosystem. Therefore, project parties need to ensure the gradual development of the ecology in order to seek a longer-term future.

To sum up, Sandbox is currently the most ecologically robust of the metaverse platforms. This combination of game + UGC + IP content + economic system is full of opportunities (for creators), but also faces considerable challenges. For example, how can the platform attract creators to enter the ecology in a steady stream? And how to balance the interests of the platform and creators? What are the profit models of the platform other than land revenue? These challenges have yet to be seriously considered and solved by the project.


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