5 minutes to read Pancakeswap and play the earth dog project (recommended collection)

Recently, with the great fire of safemoon and doge, a large number of moon model imitation discs and doge imitation discs have appeared, especially various dog coins on line, making the bsc chainDogeThe player earns a lot of money on the plate. The webmaster is also recently immersed in it, with personal experience to experience the madness of it. A friend private letter  stationmaster how to discover the project, and how to analyze the research, today the stationmaster will share with you a few of his own experience, worth a thousand dollars.

1. Tools

Ⅰ. Robot
The first and most important thing is to discover quality projects. Ordinary players can only wait until you can know about these projects after the Netflix v shouts, but the fans of the webmaster don't have to, you just need to join a coin use group: DEXT New Pairs Bot [All Pancake NEW pools]. This is a bot on top of the coin use that can inform on the first time the project is online, but it should be noted that since the cost of issuing coins on the bsc chain is extremely low, there are more scammers and more projects online every day, at least in 2000 to start with. The webmaster can study hundreds of projects a day at his peak, studying the logic of its rise and fall, so as to develop the ability to discover projects, and interested friends can follow the webmaster to learn a lesson.
The bot above will let you see all the projects, but the poocoin below will let you discover the projects that are currently hot.
Here you can see the most cited domains.5 minutes to read Pancakeswap and play the earth dog project (recommended collection)
Here you can see the most linked tokens.
5 minutes to read Pancakeswap and play the earth dog project (recommended collection)
Here you can see the most viewed tokens.
The most important tool is dextools. dextools allows you to see the price performance, contract addresses, pool funds, number of coin-holding addresses, platform scores and other key information in the first time after the launch, which is the most important tool for webmasters to play uniswap andpancakeswapThe artifacts.
5 minutes to read Pancakeswap and play the earth dog project (recommended collection)
bscscan is a browser on bsc chain, you can see the token information based on bsc chain, in this tool we can see the holding address, token transfer, supply, contract and other basic information, it is also a great tool for token analysis, you can find a lot of codes if you use it well.
5 minutes to read Pancakeswap and play the earth dog project (recommended collection)

II. Methodology

The first step is to use bots to discover projects that have just gone live or to use poocoin to discover projects that are hotter.
The second step is to use dextools for analysis and determination.
1. Observe the pool of funds: the larger the pool of funds the better, too small means that the strength of the project party is relatively small, the probability of earth dog in more than 95%; but too large, small funds involved in doubling the probability of low, low cost performance; according to the stationmaster's experience is moderate, in 10,000 U.S. dollars - 100 U.S. dollars of the project are the stationmaster will go to the next step in the study of the project, or not into my observation area.
2. Observe the on-line performance: If the buy order is very strong after the on-line, while the coin holding address is increasing rapidly, it means that this is a very hot project and worthy of the next step of research; however, several issues need to be noted here.
a, non-whole point on line project is likely to be scientists snatched away, this kind of project is easy to go on line after the surge and after the scientists smashed plummet, would have been a good project will be played bad, this time can not participate, can only wait for the smash plate shrinkage after the buy plate into the participation.
b, on line within a few minutes of the huge increase in coins, the webmaster does not recommend participation, the possibility of being set is very high, if really bullish, you can participate in the volume of smash after.
c, must wait for the sell order to come out and then intervene. This is because some dirt dog projects are outright scams that can only be bought but not sold, so we have to wait for sell orders to come out before we can intervene, indicating that there is not much wrong with the project contract setup.
d, prioritize participation in those items with particularly strong buying, especially if there are large orders appearing. Also pay attention to the number alert on the most side of the page, the more numbers appear the better the project.
e. Do not participate in projects with a relatively low system rating, the probability of earth dog is 99.9%. For example, like the following.
5 minutes to read Pancakeswap and play the earth dog project (recommended collection)

III. Address Analysis

1. Look at the address of the coin holder.
a. A lot of coin holding addresses and mostly integers means that the project has sm and may be smashed after the launch.
b. Holding too few coins address means no heat, marketing annoying project we generally do not participate, the possibility of being set is 99.9%.
c. Coin-holding addresses with more than two contract contracts are preferred to participate, representing a responsible project mechanism set up, technically sound, possibly on multiple exchanges or with farms farming.
d. The top ten percent of the coin-holding address can not be too large, indicating that there is sm or there are scientists or the project side of their own evil, the top ten percent than the price is reasonable, indicating that the project is early, the late potential is huge, the project can engage in more than a few.
e. The preferred participation of the exchange address found by the coin holding address indicates that it will definitely be on this exchange in the future.

A case study is analyzed below.

This case holds 95% of the coins on top of the exchange, indicating that the project side has no strength, 99.99% probability of earth dog; the coin-holding address is only 8, a little heat, a look at the need to participate.

5 minutes to read Pancakeswap and play the earth dog project (recommended collection)

Ⅳ, the number of communities

1. Priority participation in the community: the more live the number of community means the more the project will be engaged in, the probability of earth dog is small, you can find the group by searching on top of the coin or find the official website on top of the push.
2. have a website priority participation: have a website at least that people have a plan, the pattern will not be too small, will not run once online; but sm's project is not the same, some sm is to rely on the website to cheat people, we are careful.
3.what can not find do not participate, the probability of being set in 99.99%.

V. Theory

1. the earth dog is the earth dog, small money bo big gains, but also will find some good projects, the strategy is to invest less in more, as long as the investment in 10 in 5, the probability of making money is also there.
2. soil dog can not speak of feelings, the first strategy is to return to the capital, back to the capital after bo long-term, found that the wrong run to run, because once the set is down dozens of times until zero;.
3. the essence of the earth dog or cx, the project that will get things done can take a long time, will not get things done how awesome the site can not be involved.
4. The probability of the earth dog being set in more than 95%, even the station manager will also be a horse's hoof, it is recommended not to play, to play if you need a little practical experience, can not also be to send money.




The tools mentioned above



BscScan Browser

Contract Fraud Detection

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