10 points to teach you how to find the next 100x coin?


10 points to teach you how to find the next 100x coin?


10 points to teach you how to find the next 100x coin?

Here are the 10 points I summarized when choosing a cryptocurrency that can be 100x.

1, small market cap. It is much easier for a $100 million market cap token to go to $10 billion than for a $1 billion token to go to $100 billion. The smaller the market cap, the greater the upside potential, but also the greater the risk. Don't buy coins from the top 100 list to get a 100x coin. Usually it should be one of the top 200-500 tokens. Its market cap should be relatively low, but instead of $100,000, it should be about $3-9 million.

2, Solve a real-world problem. View CoinMarketCap or non-minors to understand the purpose of the token. Do you understand the token? Is it useful to you or anyone you can think of? In the case of TrustSwap, by having a certain number of tokens, you will get priority in new issues (or ICOs, / IDOs) and, as is now known, you will also receive free airdrops of new tokens or coins from time to time. Of course, the biggest cottage coin is Ether. Eth is needed to pay GAS fees whenever you execute a smart contract - such as exchanging one token for another, or pledging tokens to earn interest. There are millions of ethereum transactions every day, all of which require GAS. in some cases, the use of coins is very limited. For example, some coins don't actually need anything, but allow you to vote on changes to the software. I call these "governance" tokens. They are of little use to me, so I don't buy them.

3, there are many scenarios of use. If you can find a coin that is actually in daily use right now, then that token will be more valuable than coins that have a big vision and loud slogans. Sometimes, the project is so difficult to complete that team members give up before it is finished. For example, dogcoin is used in many reward scenarios in the marketplace, and there are currently thousands of offline entities that accept dogcoin payments. ICP (DFINITY), on the other hand, which says it wants to be an Internet computer right off the bat, is instead more difficult to succeed.

4, the user increase is obvious. For example, you can use a crawler or manual excel to count the number of tokens used change weekly. You can then count the number of addresses on non-small, the number of Twitter followers, the number of telegram groups, Google search heat. Of course all the above data can find an agent to brush the volume, need to identify the specific heat.

5, Huge untapped potential market. Ask yourself if there is still a lot of potential in the planned market. If there is, this is a good sign.

6, the token supply is fixed or deflationary. Ideally, you want a token that will not inflate significantly as the price rises. Look for a fixed supply of most coins already in circulation.

7, A regularly updated website. I like to see recent updates that explain recent and upcoming developments. It shows that the team has not abandoned the project.

8, Team. I would like to see the faces and bios of the team. Be wary of cryptocurrencies because you can't be completely sure the team is real. Many of the pictures of people put on cryptocurrency sites are web graphics, try to pick a team with some background.

9, Community Engagement. A good cryptocurrency will have a strong community on Telegram that will welcome you and help you understand the economics of tokens and be able to answer your questions. If all they can say is "Go to the moon! It's a good project!" or something like that, then there may not be much left to say. Look for project members in the community chat. Are they there? Are they answering questions intelligently?

10, Elevator Lobbying. Meaning can you explain to someone in four or five sentences why this cryptocurrency has value? If you have a hard time doing that, you either need to research it more or walk away.

In summary

We are in the midst of a wave of rising cryptocurrency prices. Money is flowing into bitcoin, which in turn is causing money to flow into cottage coins. Since the cryptocurrency market is smaller than bitcoin, this effect is being exploited. Many of the smaller cottage coins under the top 200 have the potential to reach 100x, but you must be prepared to see if the tokens you buy actually work.

Even if you make a few mistakes, the rising wave of cryptocurrency prices will get you well. Make sure to diversify and avoid concentrating your chips too much in any cryptocurrency. Remember, don't pike.



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