Cryptocurrency investment logic and knowledge

Cryptocurrency investment logic and knowledge


Cryptocurrency investment logic and knowledge

1, probability thinking: all analysis is probability, according to the direction of the probability of operation, the probability of making money. Accept the appearance of small probability events, recognize losses and losses.

In the long run a stop loss covered by a stop gain makes money.

2, the market can not be predicted. Ask less about the rise and fall more to develop countermeasures after the rise and fall. If up how to operate, if down how to respond.

3, to seize the important characteristics of the market, the characteristics of the immediate operation, does not appear then do not operate. (For example: EMA average drive, double bottom, triple bottom, strong outsourcing line and other types of high-quality entry signal)

4, do not have expectations of the price, do not think that the price can not return to the price once. Up and down is the basic law of the market. Any price is available up or down. Any price may go, and the probability of going is not low.

5, all subjective ideas should wait for the market to verify before operating. Many times we will subjectively judge the upcoming trend of the market, then this subjective ideas should wait for the initial verification of the market before implementing the operation.

6. Seeing is believing. The trend you see, is the conclusion of the market, do not over-interpret the market. Do not impose the reasons for the rise and fall in response to the results.

7、Up and down is the inevitable law of the market. Bull and bear conversion is like the change of seasons is an inevitable event.

8, do not compete with others for yield, just compare with your own account. As long as the steady profit will be able to run the vast majority of people.

9, stepping short is not the same as losing money. No one can catch all the market. If the market rose and did not give us the signal in the system, then operate the next section can. (Sell the same, if the market falls back to not give a sell signal resulting in capital preservation or even loss out of the game, accept the reality. Operate well the next transaction)

10, even if a transaction has a 70% win rate, you can not forget the risk of 30% loss. Pay attention to position control to avoid the risk of bankruptcy. Once the account goes to zero means permanently leaving the table, subsequent games will not be possible.

11. Those who speak do not know, those who know do not speak. Never read news-based investment advice. (All views should identify detailed logic)

12, too early is always worse than too late. Most reversals and breakouts will fail, too early entry (fear of missing out) will often cost you principal, while a later entry will instead be a better opportunity, even if the loss of some space.

13. All patterns can fail, even after multiple verifications. However, a failed pattern can also fail again, and continuing in the direction of the original breakout may result in a higher win rate.

14, a good deal price is not at all equal to a good deal. The best price is often the most torturous to hold positions, while the breakthrough of a key point and then enter may give up a large part of the profit margin but enter immediately profitable and quickly reach the break-even level.

15. You can't make a profit until you start doing "trend retracement" type trades. (After the trend retracement to join the side of the trend)


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