2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection

2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection


1、Secondary market

I believe that 90% retail investors and I, like me, are starting from the secondary market, so here I use a chart combined with the 2018 100x coin tutorial, the secondary market 100x coin to do further optimization, each point is very important, the picture is recommended to save, read a few more times, personal experience, for those who are interested will be helpful!2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection


UNI, Paint, DYDX, ENS, Para and other projects airdrop, created a large number of rich myths, but also led to the industry airdrop interaction in-volume serious, but this does not affect everyone continue to participate, why? The jerk interactions with each other compared to the secondary market, the cost is lower, the risk is smaller, more suitable for our retail investors, the sky falling money you are not willing to do, what else can you do? Besides, quite a few projects have a high probability of airdrop!


The bigger the IEO platform is, the higher the return is usually, and there are countless IEO projects on Coinan that are more than 100 times the size of the project, and IEO usually requires holding the corresponding platform coins. The first thing that you need to do is to get the money. In the bear market, you need to focus on following the coin IEO breakout coins, many 100 times this year coins from the 2019 online IEO coins!

2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection


IDO is also known as playing new, and there are many playing new platforms that are now worthy of your attention. Most of the platforms get their hitting new credits by pledging his platform coins or liquidity tokens of the platform coins.

More representative is daomaker platform (need to pledge 2000 dao to get a vote to participate in the lottery, currently not suitable to participate, the winning rate is very low, but does not affect the future concern or low position, this platform is relatively fair). And hit the new 100 times the coin leader is definitely coinlist, 100 times the starting coin is very much, like Flow on the direct 200 times, but ordinary users involved in too difficult to play, this platform has been rolled not, too far from us (I participated N times, once did not grab, give up treatment, the road wild can engage)!

2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection

Screenshot of daomaker's earnings from the 2 projects just started

IDO platform navigation, it is recommended to collect, free to study several platforms, may be able to find early gold

 Pink Presale: https://dexnav.com/sites/566.html

5、GTC donation

Gitcoin platform is commonly known as the arsenal of Ether, UNI, Link, ENS, etc. have taken donations from it, mainly around the early projects of Ether ecology, people are free to donate some early projects in it, $1 can be donated, a small amount of payment may mean good luck in the future. Individual participation requires clear positioning: GTC is to donate money to the project, it is a real donation! Not necessarily a return, but he can give you the road to the cryptocurrency circle to add some expectation color! Maybe someday the project will give back to its early backers. For example, recently RSS3 has given airdrop Pass to friends who donated in the 12th round!

2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection

6、NFT: jpg, music, video

Even if you do not speculate in coins, only play NFT a section, in fact, enough! The coin circle this year, many friends who just entered the coin circle in the first half of the year, many deep plowing NFT has embarked on the road to freedom of wealth is also quite a lot, and they simply do not care about the rise and fall of the secondary market, Cryptopunks at first is free to send, BAYC April 23 began to offer, the initial mint price of 0.08ETH, and then go to see the floor price? If you get a laser eye are 100 times up! The NFT project is free to whitelist or forward official tweets, chat white whoring, making special emoji packs, inviting how many people to get free, etc. This own focus to follow, less funds, go to the discord inside the liver, liver to the whitelist, Twitter more attention #NFT #NFTs such tags, pull the latest, in addition to is associated with the tag. For example, the recent meta-universe fire, you can add #metaverse, music fire plus #MusicNFT and so on. About jpg, focus on the reference creator background, painting style, roadmap, innovative, official push number, comment number, etc. Personally, I think music and video these two in the field of NFT will also have a big role in the future, from the institutional layout can clearly see music in the next will appear a big wind, as to when the wind, when the stars ignite, will certainly trigger the NFT out of the circle again, it is recommended to study it early!

2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection

A recent BAYC sold for 159.69 ETH

2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection

BAYC is currently flooring at 51.9ETH 2021/12/22/ 17:25



GameFi = Game + NFT + DeFi This field is too time-consuming, currently involved in very little, then played down town star, feel a little addicted, the back simply do not test gamefi, vote to do the platform project, my logic: a game failed, but the platform can continue on other games, if a game died, then all the ecology from the game NFT, tokens, users will fall to zero. tokens, users will all fall to zero. You like YGG is very smart, set up a union of all kinds to invest in other gamefi, I own to get bad all right, I have other projects tokens wow, and today a good, tomorrow a good. Here is not to recommend him, I just think this model is good. Known to do platform gamefi coins: Gala, mobox, yooshi, gmee, YGG, etc., you can join the attention list, someday in the future to see how the operation, and then consider whether to buy, the current valuation of many game platform is too high, a few games alone to support up, many institutions tokens are also in the phase of unlocking one after another, short-term not good, long-term good gamefi, the easiest area to break the circle, there is no one!


Meta-universe is now the meat and potatoes of capital, since facebook renamed meta thoroughly fire, Internet majors who do not want to miss this huge dividend. One day in the future, you and I can directly scan into the meta-universe through virtual reality, shopping into adidas stores, directly try on the clothes and shoes inside, there will no longer be a size does not fit, buy back to wear not look good, since then the return rate of e-commerce greatly reduced, because all the data directly scanned in, zero error, wear you have also tried to fit! After shopping at the mall, by the way, watch the latest release of a movie, observe the latest technology products and so on, the current meta-universe NFT pavilion, party, company office building, concert, role wear store, personal space and other forms of most.

2022 Cryptocurrency Finding 100x Coins Tutorial - Recommended Collection


Web3 in Dweb did not run through before in fact is still a bit distant, this time ELon mock web3 is justifiable, indeed there is no great progress, not to mention let everyone bright, after all, the government wants to choke off a website, blocking the domain name, server IP can do. This field will give birth to many 100 times the coin, ENS is good, but the market value is too high short-term do not think about it, to find a low valuation of the project, it is currently looking forward to the development of Handshake, interested in you can go to study, but the biggest drawback is that the traditional browser does not support his protocol, this step does not cross the cool.


browser, domain names, cloud storage, cloud platform, search engines, databases, etc., which we can find subdivision focus to follow, I think the current cycle, web3 is still very difficult to achieve, the next cycle will be a complete explosion, the current each field are exploring, a wave are a wave, vaguely remember 2016 ethereum and maidsafe, I am particularly optimistic about the cloud storage track The result of ETH I threw early (at that time eth distance is still a bit distant, you can not see what substantial use, only know that he wants to do the world's people's computer, the result is now really become), maidsafe I heavy position to zero, sometimes look too early is not good! Like cloud storage file and AR, AR in such a short period of time, a big file, storj, sc, etc. shot on the beach, but file's parent company IPFS recommended that we pay attention to, web3 may be he can make big waves!


meme hundredfold dream! The power of meme started with Doge, shib, squid coin, people, etc., and early users entered the market with huge returns. There is too much chance here, including whether there is a big Boss like Elon shouting orders - doge, coinbase head exchange - shib, the vicious influence of running - -squid coin, crowdfunding to buy a copy of the U.S. Constitution Dao model -people, but you have to remember that meme's story has 95% role will go to zero, don't be too envious of the myth of those who get rich, there is too much chance, wealth base, luck component in it. Pancake on many rich out of meme junk coin screenshots are likely to be the project side itself, through the community to spread the set, of course, we can not refuse meme, more learning to improve their meme initial smell:.

a. Big Boss Plus (whether to follow Twitter, send emoji emoji, whether girlfriend brothers are shouting) ;

b, the significance of the event (crowdfunding to buy a copy of the U.S. Constitution, land, NBA ticket rights, play from the circle of traditional play, or the event suddenly ushered in a turnaround, then you can consider speculation with free money)

c, community scale (the root of meme comes from the community, the more people spread, the party is the real meme coin, like shib, people with representative meme, the future bear market is still worthy of attention)

12、Private placement

Usually a new project will have a four-part process [seed round - private round - public offering - secondary market], there are resources recommended to study the private placement!

Private placement 100 times the coin should be the easiest, if you get a good project, private placement inside 1000 times have, but most of the private project water is very deep, like private leek cutting, not issued coin situation also abound, vaguely remember Du Jun are cut by the private sector is very bad, let alone us? Here just do understand, from us is still far away.

Possible solutions: a, ENS rich that young man we know it? More to get close to the project side; b, the project early more to experience the product, feedback valuable suggestions; c, gitcoin small donations betting on winning the prize, disguised to take private rounds and so on.

Written at the end.

The cryptocurrency circle is no longer the previous "cryptocurrency circle", when the 2020 defi comes, we and other old leeks have long been slapped on the beach by the times, from the last time I wrote an article or at the beginning of the year before the big bull market opened, see the public number [coin circle old bird] this loan 100 times the coin tutorial, in fact, elaborated my nearly a year of exploration of the cryptocurrency circle play. I hope that those who are interested will read carefully, there are too many industry fields, find the field you like, deep plowing 1-2 segments is enough, become an expert in the field you can win the future! When you are abandoned by the times, you have to spend a little more time to pick him back up again and follow the trend of the coin circle! I hope that one day in the future, you and I will still be in the cryptocurrency circle, and we will become the trendsetters of the times. good luck!


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