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Red Kite

PolkaFoundry is the one-stop production center for the DeFi app on Polkadot.


Red Kite


Red Kite

Multi-chain, flexible options

Red Kite Supports Ether, BSC and Polygon pools and is testing Polkadot pools on the PolkaFoundry test network, becoming the first launchpad on Polkadot with flexible pool types and whitelisting conditions.

Carefully selected items

We carefully select projects, reviewing and validating the origins and legitimacy of the project team, the innovation of the concept, and their ability to execute the vision.

Grades and reputation

Our bot system automatically monitors the behavior of participants and sets reputation points for each participant based on their behavior. Reputation will affect the participant's rank and their ability to participate in the next release.


We understand that opportunities should be provided fairly and efficiently. Red Kite's lane based exchange system ensures that everyone has the opportunity to join accordingly to their rank, without having to resort to gas warfare.

Comprehensive Vesting Schedule

Red Kite comes with a distribution portal for projects to grant their sold tokens. This feature can also be used for pre-sales or post-sales secondary products.

Advanced Features

Red Kite supports a number of best-in-class features that bring peace of mind and convenience to users, including one-hour refunds, reservation services, allocation resales and more.


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