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DAO Maker

DAO Maker creates growth technologies and financing frameworks for startups, while reducing risk for investors.



DAO Maker


The Best Analysis of the New IDO Platform: An In-Depth Study of DAO Maker


# Project Introduction

DAO Maker

Project website.https://daomaker.com/

DAO Maker is a multi-chain enabled IDO platform designed to create growth technologies and funding infrastructure for nascent projects while minimizing risk for investors. The platform is powered by the ERC20 token. The native token "DAO" has various use cases for networking, utility and governance purposes.

# return analysis

Whether or not an IDO platform is worth participating in is first and foremost determined by the IDO programAverage maximum returnto be one of the decision elements.

This is because investors use the IDO to fight new as the main gain, not the pledge gain, although generally the project will have pledge gain, which can be almost ignored compared to the fight new gain and platform coins up or down.

DAO Maker

DAO Maker has been performing very well in its category of professional IDO platforms and supports multiple chains and various types of projects. The return rate has been number one on the list for a long time. Many famous new projects have been financed and offered on this platform, such as GAFI, VR, NUM, ALICE, etc. The average quality of projects is more reliable.

As of February 27, 2022, DAO Maker's IDO'sThe average maximum return on investment is: 4310%.

Among the IDO projects with higher returnsThe maximum number of times that can be reached is 366.

DAO Maker

Among the IDO projects with poor returns, the lowest was 2.4 times.

One of the points of concern is thatThe problem of breakage rate of the project. This breakout refers to the drop in the price of project tokens late in the listing. Because many project tokens come with a vesting period, not all tokens are sent to you at once to close, but in wholesale coins, the specific vesting time is different for each project. The first batch of tokens you may have sold at a high level, but the rest of the tokens may have fallen a lot or broken by the time they are sent down next time. As of March 1, DAO Maker also has some broken or a few almost zero projects, accounting for 1/5 of the total number of IDOs, which is not serious.

The current average ROI is: 432%

DAO Maker

Current ROI of DAO Maker launchers versus other professional launchers of the same type during the market shock downswing, IDO ProjectCurrent returns ranked #1 for professional launch pads.

DAO Maker

#DAO Ecosystem

Some of the IDO projects on DAO Maker have certain linkages with the platform itself, listed below as the DAO ecosystem. For example, holding certain project tokens allows you to participate in IDO projects on the platform without pledging or holding DAOs.

DAO Maker

#DAO Maker Native Token Price Trend

The price trend of the platform coin is also one of the key factors to consider. The price of the platform coin rises or falls largely represents the income of the investors on the IDO platform, and if the income is not high or loses money, most of the investors will choose to sell and cause the platform coin to fall, and vice versa. When there are high quality IDO projects, the platform coin is likely to rise.

The historical trend of the token is relatively smooth compared to other platform coins, with a high of over 8U and a low of 1.2U.Represents a high number of long-term holders.

DAO Maker

DAO Maker

# Participation Analysis

DAO Maker

Want to participate in the IDO on DAO Maker?Need to pledge a certain number of platform native tokens DAO to meet the tier requirement. The difference between each tier is the probability of winning and the number of tickets won. The higher the level, the higher the probability of winning, and the more tickets you can win at the same time.

In contrast, there is no guaranteed allocation in DAO Maker's allocation mechanism, and all investors are drawn with a certain probability of winning. Each time an investor does not win a lottery, a certain amount of luck value is added to increase the priority of winning the next lottery.

IDO programs are generally divided into two pools.

  • Pledge Pool: Pledged DAOs are required to be eligible to participate.
  • Open Pool: No need to pledge DAO, just hold a position in your wallet worth more than $6,000 in BTC, ETH and other relevant mainstream tokens and DAO eco-tokens to qualify for participation. The higher the value of the token, the more points will be added and the higher the chance of winning. This is equivalent to a marketing tactic of the project side to attract the giant whales to participate, and there is no need to buy DAO, so that the whales can taste the sweetness and spread the word. In the capital market, giant whales have a natural advantage.
DAO MakerDAO Maker

Pledge Level Stratification

  • L0: 500 - 1,999 DAO "early adopters"
  • L1: 2,000 - 3,999 DAO
  • L2: 4,000 - 9,999 DAO
  • L3: 10,000+ DAO
  • L4: 25,000+ DAO
  • L5: 50,000+ DAO
DAO Maker

Where L0 is part of the early pledging investors, normal investors start from L1 at a minimum, because of the price of DAO tokens, the threshold is high.

## Chance of winning: There is no guaranteed allocation level, this is relatively fair. However, L5 is 100% over-allocation odds because of the current low number of people, which is equivalent to guaranteed allocation. Here are the details of the odds of winning one of the IDO programs, Victoria VR.

DAO Maker

Pledge Time and Notes

The IDO of DAO Maker requires KYC, and investors in mainland China cannot participate. It is recommended to pledge after KYC first, to avoid the situation where KYC is not passed after pledging, and IDO cannot participate, and platform coins cannot be withdrawn.

The minimum pledge time is 30 days and the maximum pledge time is 3 years, the longer the pledge time, the higher the pledge income. It is possible to withdraw from the pledge before the end of the pledge period.Withdrawal requires the collection of a fineThe closer you get to the end date of the pledge, the lower the penalty.

After a mid-term exit, IDO projects that you previously participated in, if your account has not yet been issued with project tokens, willAll confiscated, if you win the project very many times, many tokens are issued in batches, you quit in the middle on behalf of giving up these did not receive the tokens, will be very uneconomical, this is also the project side in order to retain a number of pledgers means, suitable for long-term participation in lie flat.

Participation Process

  • Step 1: Create a decentralized wallet that supports ERC20 tokens, purchase DAO tokens and pledge them on the platform website after KYC is certified on the platform website.Currently does not support mainland identity participation.
DAO Maker
  • Step 2: Register for the IDO program you want to participate in during the program registration period.
DAO Maker
DAO Maker
DAO Maker
  • Step 3: After successful registration, pay attention to whether you win the lottery during the opening period, there will usually be a pop-up window. After winning the lottery, you have to pay manually again, otherwise the second payment will be disqualified once the time is over.
DAO Maker
  • Step 4: After successful payment, that is, you have successfully participated in the IDO, pay attention to the project token distribution time, the tokens will be automatically issued to your bound wallet.

Project Summary

DAO Maker ranks among the top professional launchers in its category in terms of overall strength.


The price of platform coins is less volatile than other IDO platform coins, and the return on investment of IDO projects is also very impressive.


The participation threshold is high, with a minimum pledge of 2,000 DAOs and no guaranteed distribution, so low-grade investors have less chance of winning. Withdrawal in the middle of the process will result in the loss of unissued tokens, which is not friendly to short-term investors. The minimum threshold L1 is calculated at the current coin price of 2U, 2000 tokens require a minimum investment of 4000U.

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DAO Maker

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