Fatsale one-click coin distribution platform

FatsaleOne-Click Coin Platform

Fatsale is a one-clickIssue coinsplatform, which aims to provide users with a fast, simple and secureDigital AssetsDistribution and management services. The following is how to use Fatsale.
    1. Visit the Fatsale website athttps://fatsale.finance/
    2. Create a new project and connect the wallet

On the Fatsale website, click on the "Link Wallet" button to connect. After successful connection, log in to your account and click on the "Create Project" button, fill in the project name, description, andTokensInformation such as symbols, total number of tokens issued, etc. After successful creation, you can see the project overview screen, which includes token basic information, contract address, token holder and other information.

    1. Token Configuration

On the project overview screen, click the "Token Configuration" button to configure the name, symbol, and number of decimal places of the tokens. You can also select the token issuance method, including fixed issue, incremental issue and destruction.

    1. Token Sales

On the project overview screen, click the "Token Sale" button to set up a token sale. Users can choose the sales method, including public sales and private sales. Public sales can set token price and sales quantity, while private sales can set token price, sales quantity and sales target. After the sale is successful, the tokens will be automatically assigned to the purchaser.

    1. Token Management

On the project overview screen, click the "Token Management" button to view token holders, token transfer records and token balances. Users can also lock and unlock tokens to control the circulation of tokens.

    1. Withdrawal and recharge

On the project overview screen, click the "Withdraw" and "Recharge" buttons to withdraw and recharge digital assets. Users are required to enter relevant information and perform identity verification to ensure safety and security.

Overall, Fatsale is a very easy-to-use one-click coin issuance platform that provides a complete digital asset issuance and management service, allowing users to quickly create their own digital assets and sell, manage and circulate them.

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