CCTV official microblogging meta-universe related video explaining "what is meta-universe"

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CCTV official microblogging meta-universe related video explaining "what is meta-universe"


The official microblogging site of CCTV Quick Look released a video of the meta-universe.In the videoProfessor Shen Yang, School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua UniversityExplained"What is the metaverse?": TheOne, upgrading the current Internet from two-dimensional to three-dimensional; two, the triple linkage of natural people, virtual people and robots; and three, the adjustment of economic rules to achieve a meta-universe creator economy.

Prof. Shen Yang's team research assistant Jian YinExplained"Is the metaverse a virtual world or a video game": The metaverse is a fusion of reality and virtual life.The metaverse does not have to be immersed in the virtual. Nor does a metaverse have to be a video game.Professor Shen Yang also stressed not to focus only on the dynamics of Facebook, he believes that the focus of Zuckerberg's public speech is still on the virtualized meta-universe, and this can lead to a one-sided understanding of the meta-universe. "Although the word 'universe' is not too accurate, the point expressed is that it has a very wide scope.

According to media reportsIn the past six months, the domestic multi-location release over the layout of meta-universe signal.Some have written the development and layout of the metaverse into relevant local planning documents, while others have set up specialized agencies to promote the development of metaverse technology and industry. It seems that metaverse is no longer just a concept. This status quo also reflects people's enthusiasm for the new concept, and everyone wants to catch every windfall so as to create new industrial myths. However, it is important to note thatThe meta-universe has a long way to go to take shape, and it is easy to waste resources if you only focus on catching the wind and ignore other aspects. Don't let the meta-universe become a new direction of hype.

CCTV official microblogging meta-universe related video explaining "what is meta-universe"

Considering the current situation, we all hope that a new round of explosive growth of industrial modules will emerge, providing a new path of industrial development and bringing the digital world into another world.Although it is still too early to talk about the realization of the metaverse, the layout of the metaverse has already begun.

Earlier this year, several cities took a stand to lay out new tracks in the meta-universe.Hefei and Wuhan have written the development of the metaverse into their local government work reports;.Taihu Bay Science and Innovation Belt Leading Zone Metaverse Ecological Industry Development Plan" released by Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu ProvinceProposes to promote the deep application of metaverse technology in multiple fields, as well as the synergistic development of all links and subjects in the upstream and downstream of the metaverse industry.Beijing said it wants to promote the formation of a new innovation consortium for the meta-universe, explore the construction of meta-universe industrial clusters.

A few days ago, inMinistry of Industry and Information Technology held a press conference on the development of small and medium-sized enterpriseson.Liang Zhifeng, director of the Bureau of Small and Medium Enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that a number of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises entering the metaverse, block chain, artificial intelligence and other emerging fields should be cultivated.InThe development of the meta-universe is a positive signal, indicating the will and determination to actively seek new growth points for industrial development around the world.But you can't deviate from the original intention and deviate from the industry. There will be a thousand meta-universes in the hearts of a thousand people, but no matter whichThe metaverse all needs to serve the real economy and provide opportunities for digital transformation of traditional industries as much as possible. The metaverse should not be a virtual world completely detached from the real world, but should be integrated with reality.

CCTV official microblogging meta-universe related video explaining "what is meta-universe"

CurrentlyThere are already some products on the market that have some aspect of the meta-universe characteristics.For example, Baidu launched Xiyang App, but the product is only in the primary stage. In foreign countries, theMeta, Apple, Google and other leading global companies have also started the meta-universe layout.They themselves also have certain R&D foundation and capability in virtual reality and online social networking, and I believe we will see their primary products of metaverse soon. When any concept first appears, it is impossible to predict how it will eventually take shape, and so is the metaverse.


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