How to prevent your bank card from being frozen when withdrawing funds

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How to prevent your bank card from being frozen when withdrawing funds


How to prevent your bank card from being frozen when withdrawing funds

Recently many of the group of partners are saying that their bank cards are frozen, even by the bank notice to cancel the account and blackout, 5 years may not use. This seriously affects everyone's trading experience, so MU decided to publish an article on how to prevent bank cards from being frozen and how to deal with them after being frozen.

I. How can I prevent my bank card from being frozen?

1) bank cards do not use their common cards, such as payroll cards, cards to pay off mortgages and car loans, otherwise, be frozen very passive.

2) Try not to choose the cards of the big 4 banks, local banks have a lower probability of being frozen.

(3) Alipay, WeChat small amount can, try to apply for a few more WeChat Alipay small withdrawal

(4) try to choose certified merchants more than 2000 single, or the platform certified (there is a logo on it), although this is also proved by the case does not work, but the safety factor is always better.

5) If it is frozen because of money laundering, it depends on the percentage of black money, there are cases of confiscation, so, most of the time, small amounts many times, right, spend some time slowly out. If you are worried about the long time bitcoin discount, you can switch to stable coin USDT. but this approach, on the other hand, the more contact merchants, the greater the risk of encountering mines.

6) Anecdotal evidence also suggests that the first to take credit card spending, spending, then out of the gold, after receiving the amount, the first time to pay back the credit card, clean.

7) There are also rumors that after the gold is out, the first to the stock market inside a slip, out of the guaranteed beauty.

8) There is also the fact that BTC withdrawal is much better compared to USDT, and most of the blocked is caused by USDT withdrawal. If you can, change the USDT to BTC, and then out.

9) Many platforms have large customer access, so if the amount of money is large, you can choose this method.

Second, what should I do if my bank card has been frozen?

When your bank card is frozen, you may receive a frozen text message, or you may be alerted of the freeze when you log in to Internet banking, and some bank cards require you to transfer funds before you are alerted of the freeze.

After the freeze, you will need to call your bank, and many banks will also require you to go offline and ask what exactly the card was frozen for.

Generally speaking, it is less serious if it is a bank freeze. It may be that some of your abnormal behavior has caused the bank's risk control, such as unusually large transactions, frequent multiple transactions by multiple people, etc.

This kind of freeze is not a big problem, usually only freeze some operations of Internet banking, but the counter business is not affected, through communication, provide proof of transactions can be unfrozen.

The second kind of judicial freeze is more troublesome, probably because you received the funds of the telecom fraud, the victims of the fraud to the police, justice will be based on the flow of telecom fraud funds, the relevant bank cards are all frozen, for example, for example, the money through the hands of 5 bank cards, then these 5 bank cards may be implicated.

The freeze usually starts at 3 days, then if it is not lifted, the freeze will continue for 6 months, and may be renewed for another 6 months if the case is not resolved.

Most of the freezes encountered by people around me are frozen by local public security bureaus, such as those in Anhui, Chongqing, and Shijiazhuang.

This situation is more troublesome to deal with, and the probability depends on your luck, good luck 3 days to unfreeze, bad luck may have to wait for several years, the probability of several years can not be unfreezed.

How to deal with it? First of all, you have to contact the bank to ask where your card is frozen, such as the Chongqing Public Security Bureau to freeze your card, to understand clearly because of what reasons to freeze your card (some public security bureaus need you personally to go over to tell you the reason), and then carefully communicate to provide your own transaction flow.

Secondly, if it is frozen for a long time, you can find a way to apply to unfreeze the non-involved amount, for example, if you have 50,000 on your bank card and 20,000 of it is black money, then you can apply to unfreeze the remaining 30,000.

The rest is an endless wait.

Attitude of the Exchange

After your bank card is frozen, contact the OTC exchange and you will usually be told the process of handling the bank card freeze, but the exchange's attitude towards the acceptors is such that they cannot be sure that the black money is coming from these acceptors, therefore, they will not punish these acceptors.

I am not very happy with the way this was handled and I think it is the responsibility of the exchange to remind customers which acceptors have had their funds frozen in order to prevent a similar situation from occurring again.

A safer withdrawal process

I'll give you some advice about safe withdrawal of funds, depending on your situation.

1. Bull market out of the gold out of the probability of problems is lower, because the bull market when more money into the field, the probability of encountering black money is lower.

2. It is best if you can find people around you who are familiar with OTC trading, preferably those who are supposed to buy coins.

3. When you withdraw the money, you should pay attention to the real name of the buyer's payment account needs to be the same as the real name of the exchange account, if you receive the money and find that the name is not the same, the probability is that there will be problems with the funds, find a way to return the assets, and then let customer service intervention to deal with.

4. Small withdrawals, multi-card withdrawals, really too worried about the funds have problems, you can go to the ATM machine to take out cash after each withdrawal (if the large funds, you can not take too much cash at once).

5. Choose some of the lesser-known and older exchanges, such as Anbank AEX, which was established in 2013, and choose those acceptors with a smaller amount of capital, then you can have a little loss in price, but there is some guarantee of security.

6. Don't sell your coins, if you sell your coins, you can also exchange them for USDT first, and then exchange USDT for RMB when you really need money, otherwise you can just hold USDT.


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