The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

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The essential analysis tools to play with NFT


The essential analysis tools to play with NFT


The hot market has led more and more investors to take the plunge, but the current NFT ecosystem suffers from several problems that plague most people, such as difficulty in accurately assessing the asset price of NFT projects, lack of information on NFT market dynamics, inability to make data-assisted investment decisions, inability to discover NFTs that meet their needs, poor liquidity, high transaction costs, and dramatic changes in heat.

In the face of these problems, the old yuppie collated the most mainstream NFT analysis tools at present, studied their project features, module functions, and compared their advantages and disadvantages expenditure by way of comparative analysis to help you can better understand and participate in the NFT market investment decisions.A special disclaimer, our articles are not intended as investment advice, please think independently, or the same thing: invest with caution and trust no one.

I. Dune analytics

Founded in 2018 by Fredrik Haga and Mats Olsen, Dune analytics is a powerful blockchain data analytics tool and platform that provides users with on-chain data querying, extraction, visualization and more. It is currently available fromEthereum, Polygon, BNBChain, Optimism and Gnosis Chain query data, retrieved by index fetching instead of storage. The project runs on PostgreSQL 12.2 and requires some SQL development experience to convert difficult-to-access in-chain data into easy-to-read charts. However, for newbies with no database experience, Dune has prepared a lot of practical tutorials for you to learn.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

Function Modules

The main functional modules of Dune analytics are Search, Favorites, and Authoring. The search function allows you to search for project dashboards, data dashboards and user names by keyword. Favorites is used to collect items that users want to focus on, while creation is where players can build the data models they want and transform the data into pie charts, bar charts, line charts, scatter charts, etc. by using the visualization tools given by the project owner. Users can query all the chain data such as NFT average price, floor price, number of holders, holder dispersion, sales volume, rarity-price relationship, etc. according to their needs. Of course, its functions include but are not limited to the analysis of NFT tracks, which are widely used in Defi, GameFi, DAO, Web3, etc.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

Besides, the project also has tag query, hotness ranking, creator homepage, and payment mode (390$ per month) to meet users' needs in various aspects such as tracking industry hotspots, cultivating creator economy, result export, secondary development, and privacy.

Project Features

  • Open source data, where the dashboard, query results, and editing code created by the user are open to all by default, except for the purchase of paid features.
  • Scalable, the project allows users to build models at will, according to their needs and ideas.
  • Have a certain threshold and require some database querying skills.
  • Support for the creator economy, which is like a social platform in terms of data analysis, allowing users to follow their favorite creators and their accounts on other social platforms.
  • Unique embedding capabilities to present data results generated by Dune analytics across platforms.
  • A good community atmosphere where players can ask relevant technical questions or submit feedback to community members.

Community Heat

Twitter fans 51k, Discord number 12k, the number of people online than a tenth, the discussion content is mainly editing tutorials, code analysis and other technical issues.

Overall Dune analytics is currently the most comprehensive data, the most users, the best experience of using an on-chain data analysis tool, whether in the NFT or other tracks have a strong practical value, highly recommended! (The project has not yet issued coins and NFT, beware of scams!)

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT


NFTGo is a data aggregation platform for the Web3, NFT and gaming communities, designed to create a portal to the NFT ecosystem. Its creators hope to improve the NFT ecosystem by assessing the value of NFT projects and assets, helping to make informed investment decisions, tracking and identifying and screening quality projects, and providing users with a variety of data services to help them gain a greater advantage in the marketplace.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

Project Vision.

  • Helping users discover, screen, purchase and use NFT at a lower threshold.
  • Building an infrastructure to help users better engage in the creation of NFT.
  • Accelerate the migration from Web2 to Web3 with NFT.

Main functions.

The main functions of NFTGO are data analysis, giant whale wallet monitoring, airdrop information, research reports and classification according to NFT.

NFTGO classifies NFT types into Social, IP, Meta-Universe, Defi, Games, Collectibles, Art, PFP, etc. and allows various filtering methods such as price filtering, multi-label filtering, public chain filtering, etc. to quickly access NFTs of interest to users.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

The giant whale function, on the other hand, is a selection of 1097 wallets that hold 3.94B$ of NFT, accounting for 23.15% of the total market capitalization. it provides users with trading decisions by monitoring the behavior of giant whales in terms of mint, transaction, and destruction.

The airdrop function is to collect the NFT hit new information in the market, summarize it, highlight three information of price, quantity and date, and provide webpage, Twitter and Discord links for users to understand by themselves. The airdrop information is arranged by time, and the target items can be added to personal Google Calendar, which serves as a timely reminder to users.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

The former (ranking) allows users to know where the current market hotspots and quality projects are, while the latter is to measure the current overall situation from the perspective of the entire NFT market, such as total market value, number of holders, number of projects, trading volume, trend line, etc.

Project Features.

  • A one-stop shop that can help users quickly capture target projects.
  • Adopting a technical architecture that supports multiple blockchains, which can theoretically obtain NFT data from any blockchain, but currently only supports access to the Ethernet project and will be extended to multiple chains in the future.
  • Own the go-to-market process for NFT projects, ensuring that the data provided by NFTGo is a true and accurate reflection of mainstream NFT market trends.
  • Provides a multidimensional list of rankings for NFT-related metrics.
  • Has an asset search engine that enables cross-platform transaction information aggregation.

Community heat.

Twitter followers 22k, Discord number 4.6k, Telegram number 5.7k, the community activity is average, considering that the project is a centralized platform type, this activity is not to be blamed.

Overall this is a general-purpose tool for using NFT, which uniquely quantifies the concept of NFT giant whale addresses and provides users with investment strategies by monitoring the behavior of giant whales and combining on-chain data, and also contains airdrops and research reports. The data visualization is excellent, but there is still room for improvement in the analysis method and hot ranking.

Three, Footprint

Footprint, similar to Dune analytics is also a powerful and easy to use analytics tool for discovering and visualizing blockchain data. With Footprint's data integration and organization, users can access more data faster to drive data updates.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

Project Features and Highlights

  • No coding or technical requirements.

Footprint solves the technical problems of programming the process of collecting blockchain data, providing users with an easy visual experience without the need for SQL queries or coding to analyze blockchain data.

  • One-click forking queries.

Footprint provides rich data analysis templates that support one-click forking with any open analysis table on the platform, helping users to easily create and manage their personalized dashboards, as well as share data tables and dashboards with friends or social channels to showcase users' unique insights.

  • Advanced wallet labels.

Footprint plans to launch a tagging section, which tracks and tags each individual wallet address exchange, meaning users can see which addresses are accumulating or selling specific tokens, as well as their portfolio profits, enabling hyper-targeted research or unlocking macro market trends.

  • communities supported by DAO.

For data analytics platforms, cryptocurrency transactions involving multiple chains, projects and wallets are a major challenge for developers and data analysts in terms of data volume and complexity. Also due to the amount of time and effort required to collect and organize standardized data structures, and the constant investment in long-term maintenance, the decentralized organization of the Footprint community allows its users to share insights, motivate and support each other, and actively drive development.

Community Heat

Twitter followers 5.8k, Discord number 2.9k, Telegram number 2.6k, the project is still in early stage.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

Dune analytics is a competitor, less difficult to get started and cheaper than the latter (99$ per month for PRO version), but provides less support in terms of user re-authoring and no creator economy system, which is suitable for the latter's on-chain data completion and more beautiful visual display.

IV. Nansen

Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform that combines on-chain data with a massive database containing millions of wallet tags. A long-established data analytics platform in the crypto market, it is still in its infancy with only ETH chains on the NFT side.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

Main modules.

The main modules of its NFT analysis tool are: NFT Index, Rarity Analyzer, Project Analyzer, GOD Mode, and NFT Paradise.

In NFT Paradise mode we can get a general overview of the market, you can also choose a certain trading market such as Opensea, Looks rare. The system generates a table with the volume of NFT transactions, the number of mint, the consumption of gas, the time of the first mint, etc.

The GOD model provides a more granular view of the transaction information and holder data for a specific NFT project, and has the ability to discard extreme outliers, which prevents analysts from being distracted by extreme data and reduces the impact of insider trading on the analytical model.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

The NFT index function proposes quantitative indices such as NSN-NFT500, NSN-BLUECHIP10, NSN-SOCIAL100, NSN-GAME50, NSN-ART20, NSN-META20, etc. from the direction of social, game, artwork, metaverse, etc. to analyze the overall performance of NFT in this segmentation track, with specific selection principles and The specific selection principles and index calculation methods can be found inLink.

The essential analysis tools to play with NFT

The Rarity Analyzer and Item Analyzer select a rarity attribute of an NFT or a specific NFT for price and volume tracking.

Functional features.

  • A breakdown of the tracks by the NFT index module.
  • More aesthetically pleasing presentation interfaces, graphics and layouts.
  • Centralized presentation methods that do not allow analysts to gain a unique perspective on data analysis.
  • More expensive compared to other tools.


In addition, there are also Icy tools, Moby, Ayzd, Cryptoscores, SolanaFloor, cryptoslam and a host of other analysis tools, but its interface display, data analysis, functional applications are not as good as the above projects, so do not do specific expansion, interested readers can experience for themselves.

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