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Pickle Finance

Pickle Finance is a revenue aggregator


Pickle Finance


Pickle Finance


Pickle Finance It's a revenue aggregator

  • Pickle aggregates and compounds generated by other protocols
  • It saves you time and money compared to doing it yourself.

Yield Aggregator exists for single-producer farmers (like you) who want to invest and maximize profits by leveraging different DeFi protocols and strategies to increase returns.When you don't have the time to compound daily or when gas costs are too high for frequent compounding, Pickle Finance makes it easy to get high compounding returns on your deposits.In short, Pickle Finance is always looking for opportunities to generate returns on your assets at all levels of risk tolerance.

How does it work?

  • Pickle Finance has jars and farms
  • The jar will pay off for you from other agreements.
  • The farm offers additional rewards for your jar tokens


Pickle Finance

Illustration of how Pickle Finance works

With a range of evolving monoculture opportunities throughout the DeFi ecosystem, Pickle Finance offers tailoredPickle Jars.Pickle FarmsChoices, which are customized to earn revenue with specific assets and specific DeFi protocols.
Pickle Jar
The jar is pickle equivalent toVault of yearn.finance. jar receives a specific asset (usually an LP token), such as sLP ALCX/ETH (the liquidity provider token for the ALCX/ETH pair on SushiSwap) and earns a return on that asset using a strategy developed by the Pickle Finance team. Your assets will automatically compound to earn more, which means your holdings of that asset will only increase. However, the pot will not prevent your assets from depreciating against the US dollar.Learn more about our kimchi jars here
While there are a number of revenue aggregators on the market to choose from, Pickle Finance is uniquely positioned in the Yearn ecosystem to find the most promising agreements, build partnerships, and bring these opportunities to our users.The development team continues to push the boundaries and has developed some unique and exciting strategies to complement the proven and battle-tested options available in the market.
Pickle Finance also provides you with several benefits.First, you do not need to calculate returns manually.This can be cost or time prohibitive when gas costs are high, so you don't have to wake up at odd hours of the night to get an acceptable gas bill.However, in a period of lower natural gas costs and declining yields across the DeFi ecosystem, Pickle Finance is a viable and efficient alternative, regardless of the current stage of the market.
Pickle Finance also provides you with the convenience of "once and for all".You can trust that your returns will be compounded for you in the background.
Finally, in some tax jurisdictions, the Blockchain Tax Analysis Report will flag any harvest of reward tokens as a taxable event.Since the pickle jar is being harvested and compounded for you, these events may not be taxed until you remove it from the jar.(If this analysis corresponds to your tax jurisdiction, please do your own research.)
These benefits should be enough for most people, but Pickle also offers agricultural incentives, which can also greatly increase your returns.
Pickle DAO
Pickle is managed by DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).Holders of "DILL", a type of PICKLE token, have been locked in on the platform for some time and have been given the right to vote on changes to the protocol, emissions, etc.None of them are responsible.None of us can run.

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