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Balancer Swap

Automated portfolio manager and decentralized trading platform


Balancer Swap


Balancer Swap

Balancer Swap


Balancer Swap 是基于以太坊上的多维度AMM(自动做市商)的协议。 该项目于2020年3月推出,并经过Trail of Bits的审核。

This decentralized financial protocol, a common market maker/liquidity provider, Balancer protocol buys and sells financial instruments and provides liquidity to the market. As a result, anyone can profit from the spread between the bid and ask price.

The Balancer protocol has a unique AMM model, its original formula is an integrated scheme, Balancer's formula allows to operate any number of tokens with any weight or transaction fee. In addition, Balancer uses a reverse ETF: the user can receive fees directly from the dealer. Thus, you do not have to pay any fees to many portfolio managers, as the dealer takes care of the task of rebalancing your portfolio.

Balancer Services Overview

Balancer pools support up to 8 assets in each market.

Balancer pools are currently divided into three protocol types.
1. Private pools. The private pool belongs to 1 owner, who can provide liquidity and full equity to the pool. The owner can adjust the pool's exchange function and its main parameters at any time.

2. Shared pools. All the main parameters of the shared pool remain the same: the tokens, weights and transaction fees of the pool are parameters that cannot be changed. There are no privileges for the pool creator and anyone can add liquidity to the pool. Balancer also uses BPT - Balancer Pool Token - to track ownership of the pool's liquidity.

3. Smart pools. This belongs to the category of private pools, which use smart contracts as their control mechanism. Smart pools can accept liquid funds from anyone. These pools use BPT to track the ownership of funds.

In summary, Balancer's users have two ways to use the pool.
1. Provide liquidity. First users deposit the backed funds in the pool, thus providing liquidity to the users in the pool, and then the deposited funds may bring them income, but volatile changes may lead to loss of funds.

2. Trading. Users can trade tokens in a decentralized pool of funds. Balancer uses a smart order routing system, which guarantees low and fast cryptocurrency exchange for users.

BAL, Governance Token

BAL is the native governance token for the Balancer protocol, and BAL allows it to be used to manage the protocol to its maximum potential.
The BAL project team says, "We consider BAL to be a tool that serves the purpose of aligning the protocol and maintaining its reputation. BAL tokens are not an investment, and BAL token holders should understand the characteristics of the protocol, commit to its future development, and pursue an active stewardship role.

Balancer pool control board

The Balancer pool master control panel allows users to add or remove liquidity in minutes. The control panel's interface is easy to use, thus allowing users to monitor the liquidity and trading volume of each pool.

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