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UniswapFrom the interface belongs to a relatively dry, simple style, very suitable for new operators, V2 and V1 versions can be very easy to switch, the powerful features are hidden behind the interface. Now that we have reached version V3, its pages continue the simplicity of the first two versions. At present, Uniswap only supports Ethernet wallets.
Uniswap mainly has [Exchange] [Send] [Pool] and the new [Vote] function in V3 version, we will explain its trading function.

I. How to exchange tokens?

1. Open TokenPocket, click [Discover] to enter the discovery interface, click the top, search for Uniswap, and select any result (V1, V2, V3) to open. (Uniswap V2 is the operation example here)

2, after opening the default display [exchange] interface, respectively enter the transferred tokens and the tokens to be exchanged, and enter the quantity (after entering the transferred quantity, the quantity to be exchanged will be automatically displayed), and then click [exchange]; (here take ETH to TPT as an example)

Tip: iOS mobile can only choose TPT by contract address for the time being: 0xa3a6DDA437B6A2e287ED20F09C2e38cE041F22cA




3, view the details of the exchange content, and then click [OK exchange] button to exchange, here to pay attention to the value of gas (Gas often fluctuate), and finally click [confirm payment] to complete the exchange operation.



4. The [Send] function can be used as a general token transfer tool, but also as an exchange-transfer all-in-one service. Click [Send] at the top, then set the number of tokens to send, or you can directly select [Enter Max] will automatically help set aside enough gas to send the remaining tokens. Enter [Receive Address], and finally click [Send] to finish sending. (Here is the example of sending ETH)



5, here we need to mention another function of sending: add exchange to send. Click [Add Exchange] in the send interface to add an option to exchange, set the input and output parameters and then click [Send] to authorize it to be sent. (Also apply to help friends directly exchange and send tokens)


Second, how to add liquidity?
Click [Pool] - [Join a pool] at the top, select two tokens and the number of tokens to increase liquidity (after entering the number of one token, the number of the other token will be displayed automatically), and deposit them into the pool to increase the liquidity of the tokens, so that you can get the fee income.




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