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Paradigm - Top crypto investment house

Paradigm was founded in June 2018 by Fred Ehrsam, who was a co-founder of Coinbase. Co-founded by Matt Huang, a graduate of MIT, and Fred Ehrsam, a graduate of Duke University. Led the closing of a Series A round of headline...


Founded in June 2018, Paradigm was co-founded by Matt Huang, a graduate of MIT, and Fred Ehrsam, a graduate of Duke University.

In October 2018, three of the most high-profile college endowments - Harvard, Stanford and Yale - joined forces with Sequoia and together they injected capital into this mysterious emerging VC firm. That means Paradigm, from the beginning, was born with a halo.

The backgrounds of the other two founders are worth mentioning.

Fred Ehrsam was one of the co-founders of Coinbase.

Matt Huang started his business in Silicon Valley after graduating from MIT, and his company was acquired by Twitter. He started to make some early stage investments in 2011 and has a very lavish investment history, the most successful of which is undoubtedly Headline Today, which he discovered while traveling in Beijing in 2012 and then convinced his father to invest money and lead the completion of additional funding for Headline A. He also pulled in a lot of resources for Zhang Yiming, which helped him with the most difficult Series B financing. In addition, he also gave Zhang Yiming a lot of resources, which helped the most difficult B round of financing for Today's headlines. Later, he was tapped by Sequoia Capital and led many successful investments in blockchain startups.

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