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Registration, deposit, interface operation instruction

How to [Register/Login] to Pai.com

It should be noted that Pai.com does not yet offer direct deposit of fiat currency, but can only be filled via other cryptocurrency wallets, as exemplified by the exchange Coinan interface below.

Portal for registration in the ΓΓÇ¥. Click here (Recommended)

1、Can register from the webpage first ( Click here ); or download the Pai.com App and click "Register" on the "My" page

2、Fill in the information according to the requirements of the column

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Deposit and withdrawal (coin-filling)

3、After registration, move to "Home" and click on "Charge Coins".

4, enter the coin-filling page and select the coin to be credited, blockchain network, and copy the address (currently Pai.com does not provide fiat money deposit function)

Pai.com Tutorials for Beginners - Deposit and Withdrawal

5, then jump App to the wallet you want to withdraw gold (this article takes Coinan as an example), paste in the address just copied from Pai.com to fill the coin address, and the main network fill in the same options as Pai.com

Pai.com Teaching - Withdrawal/ Withdrawal

Create your [first in life] trading robot

6、Go back to Pai.com App and enter the "Trading" page, click "Quantitative Trading". Select the pair you want to trade, and then click "Create Robot" in the bottom left corner.


7、The "Grid Trading Robot" at the top of the page is the basic grid function, press the "Create" button on the right to start setting

The former is the strategy with the best 7-day annualized payout before PaiNet's AI backtest, which is ideal for investors who are clueless.

Pai.com Teaching - Robotopedia

View Order History

8, after the completion of the "trading" page will display the basic information of the running orders, as well as the performance of the manipulation. Congratulations! The first robot that can help you trade 24/7 is born!

The page drops down to show the performance of the robot, including the absolute value of the profit and loss as well as the rate of return, and the data is interpreted as follows.


Reference of actual order results

9、Take the basic grid hands-on results provided by Pai.com as an example, set the parameters as follows.


10. The total payout after 37 days up to the screenshot time point is 15.06%


Of course, no investment tool is perfect, for example, the grid is stable, but it takes time to accumulate. If the grid is too dense, the returns may be eaten up by fees; but if the grid is too loose, it will lose the meaning of automatic trading.

However, overall, grid trading is still a great investment tool that brings out the best of the "buy low, sell high" spirit, not only to execute strategies with discipline, but also to save time on watching the market. And if you make good use of Pai.com's various robotic functions, you can also try to perfect your trading strategy and prepare for various market conditions in advance.



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