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Axie Infinity is a decentralized game in the form of a digital pet world.

Axiein Finity


About Axie Infinity  

Axie Infinity One of the most popular earn-while-you-play games, it is an NFT-based online video game developed by Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, using the ethereum-based cryptocurrencies AXS and SLP. Inspired by Pokemon, the game allows players to collect, breed, battle and trade creatures called "Axies " creatures that are digitized into NFT.

Axie Infintiy announced an Origin alpha release in early 2022. Among the updates are changes to the battle mechanics mode, which will allow players to play cards in more real time, rather than the old mode where all cards were decided before the game began. The game itself will also offer new runes and amulets, as well as new card content.

For new players, the most exciting thing is of course the official announcement of free Axie, so that new users can try out Axie games, but free Axie can not earn important tokens in the game.

1. Axie Infinity  The way to play

Axie Infinity's basic gameplay focuses on combat and replicating Axies.

The set of features (e.g., classes and body parts) characterizes the axes. These features also distinguish them from other Axies and determine their rarity.

Like other turn-based games, Axie is designed for warfare and has four statistics to judge their combat efficiency.

  1. The life expectancy determines the amount of damage Axie can take before he is knocked unconscious.
  2. The speed order determines the turn order, with the fastest Axie attacking first.
  3. When an Axie plays several skill decks at the same time, the skills add damage.
  4. Morale boosts Axie's blast chance, which determines its ability to take down others.
Axiein Finity

Axies values

Currently, Axie Infinity is played in three main ways.

1. Matchmaking.

Axie Infinity players pit their Axie against other players in three-on-three battles, employing a variety of tactics and strategies to place their Axie on the board. Axie's ability cards are important to this type of gameplay, as they define the attack moves Axies may use to drain their opponents' life points. Each skill card is unique to each Axie due to its particular physical structure and profession.

Upgrade Axie. The best way to obtain Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and mini love potions is to compete in arena battles and tournaments. However, players can choose a more adventure-focused approach to the experience. Explore the Axie Infinity environment and face non-player combatants like Chimera in games that earn players more tokens and rare items to upgrade their characters.

Axiein Finity

Axies Skill Card

2. Reproduction.

Like its real-world counterpart, Axie may have children with unique qualities and skills. It can mate up to seven times, with each reproductive event requiring more SLPs and AXS.

After five days, new Axie offspring can be deployed in combat, further bred with other partners, or sold in the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

3. Land.

Axie Infinity does not limit users to just collecting and trading characters. It also enables users to acquire Lunacias, which are used as Axies houses for the land. With the Lunacia Software Development Kit, developers can also build unique games within these plots. Players can also improve episodes over time by collecting resources and crafting materials as they tour the game.

2. Governance Token AXS

Axie Infinity, like most GameFi, has a "dual token" mechanism, which is divided into a governance token, AXS, and a true game token, SLP.

The governance token issued by Axie Infinity is AXS and its main uses are: governance, token pledge and payment respectively.

  1. Governance: Holders of AXS tokens will be able to participate in governance voting
  2. Token Pledge: Players can pledge AXS tokens to earn weekly pledge rewards
  3. Payment: Players can play the game and make in-game payments through AXS tokens
Axiein Finity

AXS Token

3.Game Token SLP

SLP coin is the asset token of Axie Infinity, named Smooth Love Potion. SLP is used when players need to breed the game's pet Axie (that's the origin of its name). Currently, players can earn a limited amount of SLP per day through daily quests, battle mode, and adventure mode. SLP coins will be destroyed when players use them.


How to get started for newbies Axie Infinity

There are multiple ways to make money in Axie Infinity game, but before you can start making money, you need to have your own three Axies.

1. Buy three Axies

First of all, you need to enter Axie's marketplace and pick the Axies of your choice. For newbies, it is important to pick Axies that are always strong enough to gain an advantage in future matchups and thus earn more tokens. Therefore, you need to know enough about Axies.

Basically, the strength of each Axies is determined by its body value, and the factors affecting the value can be divided into two aspects: body part and race (class).

Axies have a total of six racial body parts, such as the eyes of beasts, the ears of birds, the beaks of insects...

If a monster's six body parts are all composed of the same race, it can be called a purebred monster (6 / 6), and if there are body parts of other races mixed in, such as a beast with five of the same body parts, but with a bird's eye, then its purity is (5 / 6).

Generally speaking, all body parts belong to the same race will have a better body value, but sometimes because of the mix of other body parts and access to other races of skill cards, there is also a chance to gain favorable factors in the battle. However, it is recommended that newcomers start by buying Axies that are close to purebred (6/6, 5/6) will be more likely to perform better in battle.

Axiein Finity

Axie Infinity's race

2. How to operate Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity's battle system can be thought of as a turn-based card battle game, where one player wins by defeating the other player's 3 Axies, and in each turn, players must strategically play skill cards to maximize their chances of winning. Players must strategically play skill cards in each turn to maximize their chances of winning. Tap ARENA or ADVENTURE to enter battle.

The battle process is divided into three main steps.

  1. Confirm the cards you've drawn so far: the bottom of the screen will list the skill cards you've drawn for the Axies in order, and the little yellow ball on the left side of the screen will show the number of cards you can play at the moment.
  2. Select the card you want to send out: click the Axies card you want and slide the card up to play it smoothly. If you want to reselect, click the card twice to reselect it (when the number of yellow balls on the left side is 0, it means that you cannot select more skill decks).
  3. End your turn by confirming your turn: After selecting a skill card, click "End Turn" on the right side of the screen to start your attack.

How do I get a free Axie?

There are two ways to get a free Axie. First, you can get a scholarship from another player who offers a free team. Then, each player assigns a portion of the Smooth Love Potion they receive to a sponsor. This is popular because users can only have one Axie account. Therefore, it makes sense that players would put their Axie to use.

Scholarships are provided and managed by other players, not the Axie Infinity team. So be careful when entering the program. Players can track available scholarships at CoinGecko. Once you have your team, you can use it to fight in Arena or Adventure mode. Please note that only Axie owners (scholarship managers) can collect the SLP tokens you have mined and they will send your part of the transaction. In most cases, scholars and administrators share the proceeds of 50%.

Another option is to wait for the release of Battles 2.0. This update will unlock a new game mode that provides users with free Axie to fight, but these creatures cannot earn tokens to sell. If you want to earn in-game income by playing Axie Infinity, you still need to buy your own team or get a scholarship.


How to start SLP mining?

Players can mine for SLP from Arena matches (PvP) or Adventure mode (PvE). Battles in these two modes will consume the player's energy. Once the player's energy is depleted, they can only earn SLP by completing adventures.

The amount of power you have depends on the amount of Axie you have. You can see how much power you have by looking at the main game menu on the top of the screen.

1. Earn 25 SLP for daily tasks. These tasks include reporting in every day, completing 10 Adventure Mode levels, and winning 5 Arena matches.

2. Adventure Mode (PvE) You can earn up to 50 SLP per day. The exact amount varies depending on the level you are playing. You will receive SLP on your first level. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive bonus SLP when you play a certain level later. Defeating boss monsters is also a way to receive bonus SLP.

3. Arena Mode (PvP) Compete against other players based on player ranking. Your ranking will also change the amount of SLP you earn each time you win. Since each match consumes energy, the amount of SLP money you earn in a day will depend on the number of matches you play with energy.

Please note that you can still play the game even if you run out of energy. However, Arena matches do not give you SLP rewards, and Adventure mode matches do not allow players to earn any experience points. However, you can still advance in the rankings or perform daily tasks.

Once you have earned SLP, you must collect it manually. You can only collect SLP once every 14 days.

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