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What is the BINANCE NFT market?

BINANCE NFT Marketis a marketplace featuring all forms of digital artwork and collectibles. Backed by the CoinA blockchain infrastructure and community, the CoinA NFT Marketplace provides a highly liquid, centralized trading platform for users to launch and trade NFT.
What is NFT (Non-Homogenized Token)?
NFT (Non-Homogenized Token) is a unique form of digital token. It is a tokenized version of a fully digital or real asset. Because NFTs are not interchangeable with each other, they serve as proof of authenticity and ownership in the digital realm. To learn more about NFTs, seeThe Coin Academy article "Crypto Collectibles and Non-Homogeneous Tokens (NFT) Guide".

How do I trade the Coin NFT Marketplace?

The Coin NFT Marketplace brings artists, creators and digital currency enthusiasts together on one platform to create and trade NFT. the platform has 3 product lines.
  • Marketplace: Cast, sell, bid and buy NFT from creators around the world.
  • Events: Purchase premium and exclusive NFTs created by the world's leading artists and most influential names and brands under [Events]. events will include work from digital artists, musicians, athletes, celebrities and more.
  • Blind BoxIt has four levels: Normal (N), Rare (R), Super Rare (SR), or Super Rare (SSR).
*Please note that once you have successfully purchased a blind box, it cannot be returned after purchase. However, you can trade in your opened NFT or unopened blind box.
If you are a new user to Cryptocurrency, you can get started in 4 quick and easy steps.
To learn more about how to get started with Cryptocurrency, please refer to.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I open an NFT account?
You can use your Coinan account to access the Coinan NFT Marketplace. If you are not a Cryptocurrency user, please create an account first.
2. What digital currencies can I use to buy or trade NFT on the Coin NFT Marketplace?
The Coin NFT marketplace supports BNB, BUSD and ETH.
3. Does Coin NFT Marketplace allow users to withdraw or transfer to NFT?
Yes. You can deposit your NFTs into the Coin NFT Marketplace and sell them. For more information, please visitHow to deposit NFT in Coin.
Please note that your NFT contract address needs to be pre-approved before it can be imported into the Coinan NFT Marketplace.
For more information on how to submit NFT to Coinan, please refer toHow to withdraw NFT from Coinan Conduct an understanding.
4. Can I mint NFTs on the Coin NFT Marketplace? How do I mint and list NFTs?
Currently, minting NFTs is only open to a small number of creators, artists, and partners. In the future, all Cryptocurrency users will be able to create and mint their own NFTs. for more details, please refer to the Cryptocurrency announcement.
5. Do I need to authenticate before trading NFT?
You need to complete authentication before you can trade. Authentication may affect the amount of coins you can withdraw. The rules may vary by country or region, and some countries and regions require further advanced authentication when purchasing digital currency. For more information, please visitHow to complete the authentication.

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