DeBank  钱包分析工具
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DeBank 钱包分析工具

Giant Whale Monitoring Tool


DeBank is a portfolio application that unifies the management of DeFi wallets and is available to users of DeFi.

By connecting wallets using DeFi to DeBank, users can view their current wallet funds and portfolio list on DeBank, keep track of DeFi's usage status, exchange tokens at optimal rates, and more.

In addition, the currently supported chains are also compatible with 7 chains and compatible with the following chains.

  • Ether
  • Coin Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • xDai
  • Phantom
  • OKExChain
  • Haike

Explain how to use DeBank

The basic usage of DeBank is as follows.

  • Portfolio Management
  • View Transaction History
  • Approval of historical record decline
  • Token Exchange
  • DeFi Statistics View
  • Address following function

You can use these features by simply connecting your wallet. Users with multiple DeFi's can track their portfolios, history, and more at the same time.

Wallet Connection


Please visit DeBank's URL and click on "Conect Meta Mask".

Click here to view DeBank


Click "Connect Wallet" and connect when MetaMask starts.


If the address is displayed, the wallet connection is complete.

Portfolio Management


  1. Click on profile
  2. Click on Portfolio

You can view the wallet portfolio. You can also switch between 7 chains by selecting a chain. Initially, it is set to "All Chains".


Scroll down to view your portfolio by tokens or projects in your wallet.

View Transaction History

You can immediately view the transaction history of the DeFi used. It is easy to see by using DeBank to check complex DeFi transactions, so it is a useful feature.


Click on "History" to view the last 30 days of transaction history. The image is the history of the selected BSC chain.


It also has a filtering feature, so you can view the history by transaction type. This is a very useful feature for DeFi users, as you can check multiple items at once. However, be careful because you can only see the last 30 days of history.

Approval of historical record decline

Using this feature, you can unlock the content of your past applications.


  1. Click to approve
  2. Click to reject

You can now cancel your past approval history. We recommend that you regularly check and cancel any suspicious items. Malicious contracts can also put your assets at risk.

When you click Reject for the contract you want to cancel, MetaMask will start, so you can cancel the approval by generating a transaction.

Token Exchange

As the name suggests, Token Swap allows you to exchange your cryptocurrency for another currency. deBank supports 7 chains, so it will recommend the best exchange rate at the time from a wide range of DeFi services.


  1. Click on the token exchange
  2. Select a chain (requires wallet switching)
  3. Enter the source currency and quantity of the exchange
  4. Enter the exchange currency and quantity
  5. Select DeFi service for exchange

You can exchange tokens through this 5-step process. As a feature of DeBank, it shows the services that can be exchanged at the lowest price at the time, including gas fees from multiple DeFi services. In the image above, "1inch" has the BEST logo and is therefore recommended.


  • Click to unlock for best results
  • Click to unlock 10 USDC

MetaMask will start and therefore issue the transaction.


The button will switch to "Exchange", so click it.

After that, a window will pop up, click "Trade" to complete the transaction with MetaMask, and the currency exchange will be completed.

DeFi Statistics View

DeFi statistics can be viewed in a variety of ways, as long as DeBank supports them. Where to invest? How long are you planting for? It is also the criterion for judgment, so it is recommended to check it regularly.


Click on "DeFi Market" to view the DeFi token data. Of course, you can sort by chain, so please check the data in the state you can easily see.


Click on "DeFi List" to see the data on DeFi services supported by DeBank. This is important data because you can also check the number of user deposits.


You can check the total value of locking in "Ranking".

The total locked-in value is the most important metric for assessing the scale of adoption of your DeFi project by calculating the sum (in USD) of all ETH and other ERC-20 tokens locked in the corresponding smart contract.

You can view a wide range of these data, so please use them in your future DiFi activities.

Address following function


Enter your wallet address in the search window at the top to see your portfolio at that address.


Please use the follow button to follow the wallet addresses you are interested in.


  1. Click on profile
  2. Click to follow
  3. Click on the target address

Now you can always see the addresses you want to follow. It may be easier to keep track of the market by following the wallet addresses of the big whales.


This is an explanation of the basic usage of DeBank.

DeBank is a DeFi-like service limited to the token Swap, but it is a handy tool because it can support multiple chains and access a wide range of data.

The UI is also simple, so it doesn't support Japanese, but it's an easy tool for Japanese people to get started with. Even if you don't use DeFi, check out DeBank because you can research the market by looking at the data.

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