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Magic Eden

Magic Eden is a new NFT platform designed for Solana to facilitate the buying, selling and casting of network NFTs.


Magic Eden


Magic Eden


Magic Eden is a new NFT platform designed specifically for Solana to facilitate the buying, selling and casting of network NFTs.

Magic Edenis a platform for creating and selling NFTs, which can be understood as OpenSea on Solana. if you want to go live with NFTs on Magic Eden, the fee is 0 and the platform earns 2% for each future transaction. this lowers the barrier to entry for new and experienced NFT buyers and creators. Currently Magic Eden is only accepting a handful of projects with a two or three day application cycle, but the official description will open it up to more people in the future.

Magic Eden is arguably the NFT gateway to the Solana ecosystem, where all NFTs will be launched live. having launched just four months ago, Magic Eden has already stood out from the competition of various NFT platforms on the Solana public chain. According to Variant Fund co-founder Li Jin, Magic Eden now has about half the number of users of OpenSea, the NFT marketplace on Ether, even though it already processes twice as many transactions as the latter.

The NFT collection within Magic Eden is growing daily, and this expansion will grow further, which will lead to increased trading activity and a stronger community. magic Eden supports creators of the NFT series who have a long-term vision. Not having a clear roadmap that shows a creator's goal is just to make a quick profit will hurt the platform's progress. The platform aims to build a strong community, and the key to this large goal is now cooperation and collaboration among members. Magic Eden aspires to have creators who are not only focused on their world, but who are eager to connect with the community and strengthen each other in terms of knowledge, skills, and even friendships.

A team or individual application must clearly demonstrate their dedication to their craft and how they can be a supportive and collaborative member of the Solana community. Magic Eden creates a good balance between opportunity and maintaining quality. Even as it lowers the barrier to entry for those who want to use its platform, it ensures that it doesn't just accept anyone who might undermine Magic Eden's quality and reputation. Its rigorous selection process ensures that every applicant it approves puts out high-quality NFTs and shares the same desire to strengthen the community and provide value to fellow creators.

NFT as a new industry, perhaps many people have a wait-and-see attitude and want to wait for the market to mature before considering entering the market. However, there is another area where high auction and transaction prices are frequently seen, making more and more people start to pay attention to NFT, which has also become a hotter segment of the blockchain industry at present.

NFT, or Non-Homogenized Token, is indivisible, irreplaceable and unique. It also has aesthetic value and philosophical significance, and is an act for the purchaser to express his love for the author. In addition, the purchase of NFT can earn other benefits such as corresponding rights, royalties and copyright shares. Therefore, the purchase of NFT is essentially an economic act of investment in copyright and authorship, and the industry is emerging on a first-come, first-served basis.

NFT can empower everything in the future, everything can be NFT in the future. web3.0 era, we turn everything into NFT assets on the blockchain, so that value can be efficiently circulated. nft will become an important expression of asset digitization.

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