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Trader Joe is your one-stop decentralized trading platform on the Avalanche network.




TraderJoeA decentralized exchange is where you can swap one token for another. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the Avalanche blockchain, and with Joe's Dex, you can discover and trade them with just one click.
To trade AVAX, JOE, stablecoin or other cryptocurrency tokens, simply use the exchange panel on the trading page to select the two tokens you wish to exchange.
In order to trade tokens on a decentralized exchange, liquidity must be available. The liquidity provided to the exchange comes from liquidity providers ("LPs") who place their tokens into a "pool". In exchange, they receive LP (liquidity provider) tokens, which they can also pledge to earn JOE tokens in a "farm".
When you make a token swap (transaction) on the exchange, you will pay 0.3 % transaction fee The details are as follows.
0.25% - Paid to the liquidity pool in the form of transaction fees from the liquidity provider.
0.05% - Send to JOE Token Farm.

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