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AtomicBridge Introduction

Pink.network, in cooperation with the WAX team, has built AtomicBridge, which allows replacing existing Garbage Pail Kids cards (using the simpleasset standard) with newly created equivalents on the AtomicAssets standard.

Disclaimer:The use of AtomicBridge is voluntary. If you do not want to change your GPK card, you do not have to do so.
You can always change back.

How is it redeemed?

Let's explain:

The original cards on the simpleasset protocol are not burned. Instead, they are stored in the AtomicBridge account and you can choose to send back the AtomicAssets card to receive back the original (simpleasset) card at any time.

This means that if you wish to return the simpleasset versions, either because the person you are dealing with wants them, or for any other reason, you can exchange the card back. There is no risk associated with the exchange.

AtomicBridge is secure

Permissions for the AtomicBridge smart protocol are handled as multiple entities managed together, including the official WAX team, as well as WAX sw/eden and pink.network.

This means that none of the entities can take your card.

Use powerful transfer trading features

For AtomicAssets, the creation of trade orders is an inherently powerful feature. This has two main advantages:
There is no need for intermediate smart contracts like WAX Express. This also means that you will no longer lose your NFTs in a trading contract or retrieve them manually. The NFTs you provide will be in your repository until the transaction is completed. This means you can include the same NFTs in multiple trade offers at the same time.

In addition to this, AtomicHub offers another extremely powerful feature:

You can create a "shared link" and you can use it to send someone only by sharing a link. You don't need to know the blockchain account name of the person you want to send NFTs to; in fact, they can even create a new account after you've already created the link.

Don't worry about memory anymore

If you participated when GPK was first released on WAX, you may have seen many users complaining: experiencing memory exhaustion (a resource on the WAX blockchain).

With AtomicAssets, the creator of NFT pays for all the necessary RAM, so the user doesn't have to be concerned about RAM issues.

AtomicBridge pays for all the resources needed for the exchange. It's completely free for you!

Some inconveniences

However, converting NFTs to AtomicAssets Protocol NFTs also has a downside that you should be aware of. Because it is so new, you may not see these assets displayed on some sites, such as wax.bloks.io.
This is likely to change in the future; for example, Waxplorer already integrates with the AtomicAssets protocol, and AtomicHub offers features including a browser, marketplace, trading interface, and even NFT creation. However, if you want to display your NFTs on other sites that do not yet support AtomicAsset assets, you will need to switch back first.


Well, that's all for today. Now you know what Atomic Bridge is, right? Simply put, AtomicBridge is a protocol that supports exchange between AtomicAsset and SimpleAsset, effectively avoiding the loss of assets thanks to the multi-signature format of official and multiple WAX nodes.

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