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SolanaAs the sixth largest blockchain ecosystem platform in terms of market share, it has developed quite soundly. In addition to a variety of smart contract applications, coupled with its low miner's fee (Gas fee), more and more people have started to turn their attention to Solana, especially in the field of games and NFT, which has developed more amazingly than other blockchains. Solana's main trading platform and main projects will be introduced next.



Solanart Exchange Introduction

Compared to the role played by Opensea in Ether, Solana also has a huge and complete trading platform called Solanart, which uses SOL as the trading currency and takes 3% as the platform fee, and uses both on-chain and off-chain data storage to transfer cryptocurrencies and NFTs to intermediate wallets and then individually to buyers and sellers, while using off-chain The platform will use both on-chain and off-chain data storage to transfer the cryptocurrency and NFT to the intermediate wallet and then transfer them to the buyer and seller individually, and use the off-chain data to record the price and other sales information.

What's special is that there are also many NFT projects with large trading volumes that are not logged into Solanart, but use self-developed platforms to save on the platform fees taken per exchange, not the least of which is the NFT meta-project on Solana.



How do I use Solanart?

Step 1. enter Solanart official website and search for projects
Step 2. Connect your wallet to the trading platform

The SOL for trading requires the use of the Phatom wallet, which not only allows you to complete deposit and withdrawal operations, but also allows you to see the NFTs you own directly from within the wallet.

Step 3. Click on the individual NFT search, and choose to buy

After tapping on an individual NFT, it will show information about the characteristics and percentage it possesses; after tapping to buy, if the currency possessed is insufficient, a prompt will pop up in the lower left corner.

Step 4. After confirming that the purchase information is correct, send a purchase request

If there is enough currency, a transaction window will pop up, and you can send out the purchase after confirming the purchase information; in addition, at the marker in the picture below, you can see that the transaction loss on Solana public chain is really very, very low compared to the sky-high miner's fee of ethereum.



How do I buy NFT programs without logging into Solanart?

When you hear about NFT exchanges on the ethereum blockchain, you immediately think of the love-hate Opensea, but on Solana, many NFT projects choose to develop their own trading platforms to avoid unnecessary platform draws, so be sure to confirm what trading platform is being used when looking for an NFT project.


How do I use the "non-Solanart" trading platform?

Step 1. Go to the official project link to find the trading platform

From the official website or link to enter the marketplace (Marketplace); please be sure to use the official approved links provided, and recently even a number of official community hacked events, if encountered fraud is very difficult to get the money back.

Step 2. connect your wallet to the trading platform

Find the Connect option and connect your wallet to the trading platform before you can make a purchase.

Step 3. click on individual search and select purchase

When you click on individual NFTs, different information is displayed depending on the platform design, but you can find the purchase options as well.

NFT projects are not only very hot on the Ether, but also on the Coinan smart chain, Solana and Terra chain, and other ecological investment can be made, but also because of the high transaction costs of Ether, many investors are afraid of it. If you want to enter the world of NFT, but are worried about the high Gas Fee, you may want to try the NF T project on his chain.

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