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OEE NFT Platform

OEE NFT Platform


OEE NFT Platform


In September, the Ou Yi NFT platform was relaunched, focusing on decentralization, 0 commission, support for Loot split function and other advantages, attracting the attention of a large number of investors.

As a decentralized NFT trading platform, what specific problems does Euromonitor NFT solve? What are the advantages? An article to quickly understand Ou Yi NFT, the most efficient decentralized NFT platform.

OEE NFT Platform

What is the OEE NFT platform?

OEE NFT PlatformOuYi OKEx launched a one-stop decentralized trading platform focused on the NFT field, supporting multi-chain assets including ETH and OEC . At present, OuYi NFT marketplace contains: Marketplace, Primary Market, My NFT, About 4 major sections. In its marketplace has access to such mainstream popular projects as Cryptounks, Loot, BoredApe, etc. Popular NFT assets will be shown in the OuYi NFT marketplace, users can list their own orders to sell, buyers can also bid on the preferred NFT assets. The platform also has basic navigation functions such as search and sorting. Users click on the project details, will get the project NFT project number, the number of users holding, floor price, transaction volume and other project information.

At the same time Ou Yi NFT platform both primary market subscription (NFT Primary), trading market (NFT Market), My NFT (My NFT) and about the four main functions of a comprehensive NFT trading platform. Users can freely create and trade NFT in OKEx NFT platform, and enjoy a series of NFT services such as grabbing the first NFT in the primary market.

What are the pain points in the NFT market?

Although NFT is growing rapidly, most NFT transactions are gathered on the public chain of Ether, and the huge transaction volume is likely to cause transaction congestion and high GAS fees. And there are pain points in the NFT market such as primary market to be discovered and insufficient liquidity in secondary market.

Pain Point 1: Lack of liquidity in NFT secondary market and high GAS

The scarcity of NFT applies to a range of applications that reflect unique value, but it is also its uniqueness and irreplaceability (uniqueness) characteristics that make it difficult to assess value, which makes free trading of NFT artworks difficult to achieve and creates liquidity problems. Therefore, the current NFT and homogenized Tokens (ERC-20, etc.) show multiple orders of magnitude gap in terms of trading volume, and the trading cycle is too long, which ultimately constrains the circulation of NFT assets.

For example, Beeple's 5000-day auction was sold for 451 million RMB. Then it is very difficult for the collector who captured it to sell this work quickly. Because of the non-homogeneity and uniqueness of NFT, it means that this work can only be sold from A to B and from B to C. The unit price is high, the quantity is only one, and the work lacks liquidity.

Pain point 2: NFT primary market to be explored

Due to its own properties, NFT cannot be subscribed to the primary market through Token distribution. It can only be circulated in the secondary market through auctions, transfer offerings, and offering of individual NFTs.

The lack of early capital and investors in the primary market for NFT assets (e.g., investment institutions, promoters, collectors, art funds, etc.) has caused such assets (works) to be limited in terms of dissemination and marketing, ultimately making it difficult for quality NFT assets to be discovered at an early stage.

For example, when CryptoPunk creates 10,000 copies of its works, it is not sure whether they can all be sold, but still has to pay the cost of money and time to make the 10,000 works first, and if it does not sell a few copies in the auction, then this excellent IP may be lost because of the auction failure from now on.

How does OEE NFT platform solve the market pain points?

Euromonitor NFT resolves primary market (Primary) subscriptions by backing popular assets.

OKEx NFT platform, Primary is a trading platform that helps premium projects, artists and stars, etc. to make primary offerings of NFT assets. Through Primary, users or players can buy NFT before it flows into the secondary market, thus getting a better entry price or the priority to experience the project earlier.

The OKEx NFT platform is currently live with more than 50 popular NFT projects including Blade warrior, cryptogladiator and crypto universe.

OEE NFT Platform

Users can participate directly in the marketplace on the Euromonitor NFT platform to get a better price of entry or the priority to experience the program earlier. The "Spider", the legendary fighter and the greatest mixed martial artist of all time: Anderson Silva, has already participated in Primary on the Euronext NFT market with good results.

Silva returns to the ring for this legendary fight, and to commemorate the occasion, we present an officially certified NFT featuring the historic boxer as the cover character. come add Normal, Epic and Legendary to your card collection.

OEE NFT Platform

In terms of secondary market liquidity, OuYi NFT secondary market, will rely on the huge flow of OuYi OKEx to help users solve the problem of secondary market liquidity.

In the OEC NFT platform, buyers and sellers can trade freely on the OEC NFT secondary market. You can see that the trading market contains popular NFT projects such as LOOT on the ethereum public chain, and popular GameFi projects such as Blade warrior , cryptogladiator and crypto universe on the OEC public chain.

OEE NFT Platform

In terms of GAS fees, compared with trading platforms focused on the field of art NFT, Ou Yi NFT no user threshold, no issuance restrictions. At the same time, Ou Yi NFT transactions 0 commission, the perfect solution to the problem of high GAS fees.

In addition OuYi NFT cast on the NFT, its data content is stored in a decentralized storage network, which guarantees the persistence and non-tamperability of data.

Ou Yi NFT platform has a low threshold of use, easy to use, good for newcomers to trading, one-stop trading platform, free Gas fee casting NFT and many other advantages, coupled with relying on Ou Yi's traffic and capital advantages, the future in the development of decentralized NFT platform, the potential is incalculable.


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