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Official Document Introduction

X Exchange

Allows users to trade directly between two tokens as an atomic swap and easily convert their tokens to other tokens, providing the best route as a bridging solution


Simply put, X Swap is a blockchain-based bridging platform (or "app") that actually supports a wide variety of tokens and various asset/fund classes, allowing users who wish to trade their tokens for other types of tokens to have a seamless exchange experience and reap the associated benefits.

X Swap is our fastest and most secure cross-chain swap, using the decentralized consensus behind it to swap individual transactions from the source chain rules to the target chain. Here are the steps to use it.

As a one-stop aggregator for multiple chains, X Swap handles not only the most popular decentralized cryptocurrencies, such as ETH or BTC, but also those less popular tokens that are mainly available on a few chains. Circumventing this obstacle, the diversity of chains/tokens and the consequent rich portfolio on X Swap ensure a steady supply of liquidity (see also Y Pool ).


Cost: As mentioned earlier, X Swap specifically addresses this issue by aggregating numerous other exchanges and capturing liquidity from the users they bring to our platform. The result is that users can exchange directly between two cryptocurrencies without the inconvenience and "double fees" associated with trading in two steps.

On the other hand, the exchange itself takes place between two entities without the involvement of a third party, eliminating centralized intermediaries such as regulated exchanges and giving the token owner full control, and since the smart contract can handle the token exchange process, no third party will incur service fees, such as escrow fees.

Data Integrity: Users can be assured that data integrity regarding the tokens being bridged/exchanged, the transaction process, and the corresponding transactions will be stored on the chain.

Atomicity and security: "It either happens or it doesn't!" This is probably the best sentence to summarize the concept of atomic exchange. Any token exchange should be "atomic" based on a rate or amount agreed upon by both parties to the transaction, and our smart contracts play a vital role in preventing either party from stealing cryptocurrency from the other! Therefore, by making the token exchange atomic, X Swap ensures that both parties either receive their respective tokens or neither.

Diversity and interoperability: The wide variety of tokens on X Swap provides fertile ground for liquidity, and tokens can with the help of This underlying platform enjoys some of our security and visibility without having to spend time and resources developing its own ecosystem from scratch. In addition, more cross-chain token exchanges will lead to higher interoperability, creating a healthier platform.


Step 1: Go to the X Swap page

  • Go to the official website of XY Finance Swap. ( https://app.xy.finance/ )


Step 2: Connect your wallet

  • Connect your Web3 wallet via Meta-mask 🦊 or Wallet Connection 📡.


Step 3: Exchange

  • Select the tokens you wish to exchange between chains (or single chains). Next, the interface will The assets/token types in the dropdown list are automatically prioritized based on the token balance in your wallet. Alternatively, users can paste token addresses directly above the input box to add new tokens that are not covered by the default list.


  • After selecting the tokens on the source and target chains and the amount you wish to exchange, the interface will show you the best exchange rate you can get from this transaction and How will the tokens on the bridging page on the right. Please note that there may be more than one possible route available to the user. The following example shows theUSDT on BSCBe exchanged to DAI on Arbitrum.


  • You can also customize the slippage settings


  • Click " Exchange " will initiate the transaction afterwards, which requires you to access your Web3 provider (i.e. Meta-mask either Wallet Connection )


Step 4: Confirmation

  • During the swap process, users will be able to monitor and view the entire cross-chain transaction breakdown (i.e. phase or stage). At the same time, X Swap will regularly check the latest updates on different blockchains, synchronizing data in real time for users' reference.
  • After each exchange is completed, the user is notified whether the transaction was successfully executed or not.


  • Finally, a detailed list of all transactions executed through our agreement will be provided. You can confirm the transactions in the safe in the upper right corner of the page. This transaction history is necessary and does add another layer of security to the user experience.



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