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Rarity Sniper-NFT rarity query

Rarity Sniper-NFT Rarity Query...

Rarity Sniper-NFT rarity query

Rarity Sniper-NFT rarity query

You may be interested inRarity SniperNot familiar, basically Rarity Sniper is a NFT query tool running on top of Discord (the official website has not yet been made, but there is an official Twitter account, and the number of Twitter followers is approaching 100,000).

NFT currently supports queries across Ether, Coinan Smart Chain, Solana Chain, etc...

How to use:

1. First join the official Discord account of Rarity Sniper.

2. Go to the Rarity Sniper account and find the #bot-collections channel

3. #bot-collections has a list of NFT items that they have support queries

(List of links: https://pastebin.com/raw/pgWa5881)

4. then go to rarity-check-1 to rarity-check-10 channels

5. Input !rarity Item name id No.

After that, the robot will pop up a query result

For example: Today's query is for animalsociety item number 7054

Just enter !rarity animalsociety id 7054

As shown below

Rarity Sniper-NFT rarity query

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