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Pending Order Trading System

Pending order trading system tools

Pending Order Trading System

Features of digital currency trading

  • Trading hours: 7X24 hours, all year round.
  • No Stops: Digital currencies are traded without stop limits, for example, bitcoin rose over 20% in a single day on May 28.
  • Trading unit: minimum to 4 decimal places, no minimum lot (100 shares) buy limit for stocks.
  • Trade at any time: Digital currencies are traded on T+O and can be sold on the same day you buy them.

The basic principles of digital currency transactions

  • Limit trading: Investors can set a bid price below the market price or a sell price above the market price, and the order will be filled when the market price fluctuates to the price they set. When the set price deviates significantly from the market price, the result is likely to be unfilled.
  • Market price trading: the market price at the time of transaction, to a certain extent, can ensure that investors buy and sell orders in a timely manner, but in the market price of the order before the investor can not predict the transaction price, there is a certain degree of uncertainty. Generally speaking, the more volatile the market, the greater the risk of uncertainty in the transaction price of market trading.
  • The basic principle of the transaction: "price first, time first" principle. The higher buy price is better than the lower buy price deal, the lower sell price is better than the higher sell price deal, when the commission price is the same, the earlier pending order order is better than the later pending order order deal.

Features of Blockchain Trading System

Blockchain trading system is a system for exchanging and circulating digital assets. Blockchain trading system is oriented to "make digital assets trading safer and faster", aiming to build a safe, stable, fast and transparent trading system.

Blockchain trading system is profitable by collecting transaction fees and project coin fees, and the trading mode is mainly coin trading and OTC trading. The main features of the exchange are as follows.

High security (safety of funds and information security)
Good platform liquidity.
Low transaction costs.
Fast transaction speed and good user experience.
There is no withdrawal fund limit.
Support for multiple derivatives.

Blockchain trading system provides a safe and reliable trading space for cryptocurrency-holding users. Unlike traditional financial trading systems (such as stock exchanges), blockchain trading systems are inherently decentralized, tamper-proof, loss-proof, and open and transparent based on the blockchain distributed ledger technology.

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