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What is NFTb?

In NFTb Each piece of digital art created on is unique, minted on the Coin Smart Chain (BSC), linked to the NFT, and stored on the Interstellar File System (IPFS). This ensures the longevity and persistence of the files, as there are no vulnerabilities.

IPFS is a decentralized, distributed interstellar file storage system. The system was created as an open source project that allows anyone to store their files on a decentralized file storage framework.

In addition to a secure and decentralized file storage system, NFTb will always verify all artists on the platform, thus maintaining the quality of the digital artwork created. Creators will receive royalties and a share of the proceeds when they resell their digital works in the future.

Currently, NFTb is implementing Marketplace, Farming and Staking. In the near future, NFTb will have Launchpad functionality to launch NFT projects and products directly on its platform.

NFTb's Ecosystem
NFTb Market
NFTB Market is a multi-chain curated marketplace designed to better serve artists.

NFTb Earned
A DeFi platform that allows users to passively earn money and support projects through custom farming and staking services.

NFTb start-up
The first dual NFT and token launcher is designed to help projects and creators launch their NFTs on the Coin Smartchain in the fairest and most transparent way possible.


NFTb's EcosystemNFTb's Ecosystem

How does the NFTb program work?
Runs on the Coin Smart Chain (BSC) platform
As we all know, Coin Smartchain is a powerful platform that can provide very high Yield Farming profits and low transaction fees. Therefore, NFTb wants to continue and professionalize the NFT ecosystem on BSC, providing a perfect platform for the innovative combination of NFT and BSC.


NFTb running on the Coin Smartchain (BSC) platformNFTb running on the Coin Smartchain (BSC) platform

Creators can create and distribute their NFTs on the NFTb platform by completing the NFTb survey and starting the referral process. Although not yet live, NFTb has already attracted many creators waiting for the NFTb launch waitlist. The cost of distributing NFTs to artists on the Coin Smartchain (BSC) is very low.

Working on the Ethernet Platform
Today, NFTs built on top of Ether technology are becoming more and more popular. The first is to allow users to collect scarce soccer player cards and use them in some digital or Formula 1 competitions.

OpenSea is a company that joined YCombinator in 2018. The project built one of the first NFT-based NFT marketplaces issued by Ether. The platform focuses on digital artists and is based on data from DappRadar, one of the largest NFT marketplaces.

NFTb has closed its seed round of funding. In 2021, NFTb launched version 2 and version 3 with the following directions.

Version 2: Partial ownership of NFT and different marketing strategies. At the same time, NFTb has released an API that aggregates all NFT lists.
Version 3: Upgrades are the main task of this development. Improved cross-chain interoperability, allowing users to purchase Ether-based NFT tokens.
Outstanding features of NFTb
High quality unique artwork created on the Coin Smartchain (BSC) and hosted in IPFS.
NFTb is a project to create a community regulated marketplace that allows trading and collecting unique digital artworks. NFTb will verify all artists on the platform. All information will be stored on IPFS and printed via the Coin Smartchain (BSC).


Outstanding features of NFTb Outstanding features of NFTb

Guaranteed speed and performance
The NFTb platform is based on the Cryptocurrency Smartchain, with low transaction fees and fast NFT collections.

User Support
NFTb is the first NFT platform to allow creators to donate proceeds to a variety of popular charities, including GiveWell and CoinCharity

Ensure fairness and transparency for creators
NFTb offers enhanced royalty and revenue sharing agreements for future resales.

Secondary Market
Use NFTb to shelve NFT on another BSC-compatible NFT marketplace. Third-party API support.

Reduce environmental impact
Focus on the environmental impact of NFT's foundry operations. By building on the BSC, NFTb can make use of the BSC consensus mechanism to make these operations more environmentally friendly.

About NFTb . Information about the project
NFTb Development Team
NFTb was founded by Olexiy Fedorov, a well-known Ukrainian businessman. However, according to Telegram and other social media channels belonging to the platform, the NFT marketplace serves as a community management platform with over 50,000 community members.

Key team members include.

Olexiy Fedorov: responsible for products
Sia Mohajer: responsible for project development
Tommy So: in charge of operations and marketing
NFTb . Partners and Investors
NFTb has received investments from large and well-known funds in the tech sector, such as: Coin Accelerator Program, Starfire Capital,, Next Ventures, MetaConstant, and Rarestone Capital.


NFTb . Partners and Investors NFTb . Partners and Investors

The most prominent of these is the Coin Accelerator program, which is both an investment fund and a development partner of NFTb, and is a strong supporter of the project.

NFTb . Development Roadmap
Second quarter of 2021

Completed half seed and half private placement round.
Complete the basic functions of the NFTB token and marketplace.
Integration into Trust Wallet eWallet.
Airdrop, public offering and DEX listing.
Add rating, auction and affiliate marketing features.
The platform supports multiple languages, especially the BEP1155 token standard.
Third quarter of 2021

Complete safety inspections.
Implement marketing plans for users and artists.
Integration of DeFi management systems and functions.
NFTB tokens for projects listed on various CEX exchanges. Integration of NFTB and fiat currencies as payment methods.
Integrated into the Coin NFT marketplace.
Airdrop tokens BAO.
4Q 2021

Implement a decentralized, distributed governance system that creates equity.
Start NFT to launch the platform.
Implement cross-link and API functionality.
What are NFTB tokens?
The NFTB token is the official utility and governance token in the NFTb ecosystem and is the BEP20 standard token.

NFTB tokens For use in the following cases.

Transaction costs: NFTB token holders will enjoy lower transaction costs on the platform.
Governance: Token holders have the opportunity to vote and have a voice in the governance and development of the platform system.
Pledge: Participants can pledge NFTB tokens to receive rewards and provide liquidity.
Experience many other services in the ecosystem: platform services (advertising and promotions), integration with BSC-based platforms to accept NFTB as payment tokens.
Make native tokens for NFTb Launchpad
NFTB . Token Basic Information
Token name: NFTb
Code: NFTB
Blockchain Platform: Coin Smart Chain
Contract: 0xa3a6DDA437B6A2e287ED20F09C2e38cE041F22cA
Token Standard: BEP20
Token type: utility and governance
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 NFTB
Allocation of NFTB tokens
The total supply of NFTb tokens of 1,000,000,000 NFTB will be allocated as follows.

Strategic Contributor: 20.5% or 205,000,000 NFTB
Development Team: 12% or 120,000,000 NFTB
Platform: 12.5% or 125,000,000 NFTB
Agreement Award: 45% for 450,000,000 NFTB
Sell IDO and mining liquidity: 10% or 100,000,000 NFTB

Allocate NFTB tokens Allocate NFTB tokens

NFTB Token Storage Wallet
NFTB is a BEP20 standard token, so you can store it securely in supported e-wallets such as MetaMask, Trust wallet, Atomic wallet, imToken, Coin98 wallet, and Coinanchain wallet.

Where to buy (own) NFTB tokens?
Currently, NFTB tokens are live and supported for trading on several exchanges, such as, KuCoin, PancakeSwap, BKEX, OpenOcean, LATOKEN, CoinW, and ZT. You can own NFTB tokens by.

Use the NFTb platform as a tool to generate profits (NFTB tokens).
Unlock the prizes distributed by NFTb on the platform
Airdrop allows users to support the platform as soon as possible
Token pledges can be made and provide liquidity.
Items similar to NFTb.
Dego Finance: This is a project that provides users with a closed NFT ecosystem. Here, any participant can easily create NFTs and easily participate in auctions, trading and mining of NFTs.
Seascape: a platform that combines DeFi, NFT and gaming to create an ecosystem of entertainment, creativity and monetization for participants.
Review of NFTb and NFTB . Projects
NFT is a very hot topic in 2021 with its practical applications. As you can see, NFTb is a very prominent item in this chart. NFTb stands out for offering unique features and extremely fast high performance as well as the ability for creators to earn additional revenue with each transaction. This business model of NFTb is based on the power of the community, so the platform's NFTB tokens will also rapidly increase in value with a great creative community and thriving collectors.

Also behind the NFTb project is the Coin Accelerator program, which is both an investment fund and a development partner for NFTb. If in the future NFTb is able to leverage the power of Coinan's community, it will be a huge breakthrough for the project.

Concluding remarks
Above is all the information we have compiled about the first NFT Marketplace project and NFTB token on NFTb, the Coinan smartchain. We hope this article will help you to better understand NFTb and thus make a sound personal judgment on the project. Good luck with your investment and make a great profit!

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