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CoinGecko Ventures - Crypto Investment Agency

CoinGecko Ventures 是 CoinGecko 旗下的加密投资基金,主要投资具有开创性的区块链公司。CoinGecko 于 2014 年 4 月在新加坡注册成立,是全球知名的区块链行情数据查询平台。 Co...


CoinGecko Ventures is CoinGecko's crypto investment fund that invests in groundbreaking blockchain companies. incorporated in Singapore in April 2014, CoinGecko is a globally recognized platform for blockchain ticker data access.

CoinGecko Ventures' representative investments are as follows.

  • Dune Analytics: blockchain data query platform.
  • Covalent: providing blockchain data query and indexing services.
  • Serum: the head of the Solana chain DEX.
  • ParaSwap: a cross-chain DEX aggregator.
  • DefiDollar: stablecoin index.
  • Coin98 Labs: developer of DeFi products.
  • Frontier: The off-chain DeFi aggregation layer.

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