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FBG Capital - Crypto Investment Agency

FBG Capital 成立于 2017 年,是一家专注于区块链的加密投资基金。FBG 创始人周硕基曾分别在 IBM 和甲骨文担任技术顾问,进入区块链领域后,成为了一系列区块链企业和项目的早期投...


Founded in 2017, FBG Capital is a blockchain-focused crypto investment fund. Having worked as a technical advisor at IBM and Oracle respectively, FBG founder Shuoji Zhou entered the blockchain space as an early investor in a range of blockchain companies and projects, and has launched and managed two cryptocurrency private exchange funds.

FBG has a wide range of investments in public chains, DeFi, exchanges and other areas. Its representative investments are as follows.

  • Maker: an ethereal decentralized lending leader that operates on an over-collateralization-generating stablecoin model.
  • Nebulas: a search engine in the blockchain.
  • Ampleforth: an algorithmic stablecoin project with elastic supply.
  • Kyber Network: Ether-based DEX.
  • Zilliqa: a high-throughput public chain based on sharding technology.
  • CoinList: a platform for compliant token offerings.
  • FTX: a trading platform for crypto asset derivatives.
  • ParaState: an ethereum-compatible parallel chain of polka smart contracts.
  • ZKSwap: Layer2 AMM DEX based on ZK-Rollup.
  • Celer Network: a project focusing on Layer2 and blockchain scaling.
  • Litentry: Web 3.0 decentralized identity management service.

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