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Telecom pure speed test version



Updated: 2022-01-11

  1. Reproduction on domestic social media platforms or forums is prohibited.
  2. Please use the scientific Internet function correctly to look up literature, watch American TV shows, etc..
  3. Try not to watch some of the XX sites that pull down your IQ; be careful what you say.
  4. All the contents of this blog are purely for learning purposes and are only used for exchange and discussion among friends; they are not recommendations, but only speed tests and introductions.
  5. Due to the complex network environment in mainland China, the test results of different regions, different operators and different time periods may have huge errors, the results are for reference only
  6. Protect your privacy and try not to fill in your real personal information when registering for the airport
  7. I'm just a speedometer; besides, speed measurement only reflects the current speed. They don't offer a three-package service at the airport either.
  8. Users should also have a scale in their own hearts, after all, most of the airport is a personal station or partnership station, can do how long is not guaranteed, or because of the risk, or because of the roll of money, or because of the loss of money, may not do, do not understand the try not to charge a lot at once. This is not a stable industry, at any time there are quit and forced to quit, as well as enter.Recently added a new telecom home wide speed measurement, pure speed chart is not introduced, detailed introduction back to the main post to see it. 

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    The new speed test for Linux, which is being debugged recently, is still a bit problematic for the time being, so the update will be slower.
    Streaming media can only roughly refer to the next, because sometimes the seal is not sealed ip too fast, plus the airport will also change itself.

    Tip: Streaming detection 19 readjusted a bit, the later will be replaced one after another, and then Naive unlocked, because it can not be particularly accurate SNI native and DNS unlocked, so temporarily collectively called unlocked, the difference between open only unlocked homemade drama, the later will continue to improve.

    Airport-Science Internet-Ladder Compilation

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