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Matcha-Dex Aggregate Trading

Matcha finds the best prices for you on the exchange and combines them into one deal.

Matcha-Dex Aggregate Trading

Matcha-Dex Aggregate Trading

Losing a trade due to a pre-emptive trading bot or settling at a worse price due to a sandwich attack is one of the most frustrating experiences when using DEX, and it happens often.Matcha OTC can protect you from snooping (and MEV). By using Matcha OTC, you canDirectly with professional market makersMake a trade to getBetter Pricingand transactions.and will notTrade between popular trading pairs (WETH-USDC, WETH-DAI, WETH-USDT and WETH-WBTC).

How Matcha Over-the-Counter Trading Works

With Matcha OTC trading, professional market traders compete to provide you with the best offers. Since the offer is locked in, youYou can get accurate quotes without slippage. These quotes can only be filled in by you, allowing you toNo risk of pre-emption or sandwich attack when trading. With Matcha OTC, you can easily close $10 to $1 million in trades knowing that you're not giving away value to robots, so if you want to move scale like a whale, this is the way to go!

How to trade in matcha over-the-counter

Matcha-Dex Aggregate Trading
  1. Connect your wallet to Matcha
  2. Navigate to the token you want to trade (OTC is available for the following pairs: WETH-USDC, WETH-DAI, WETH-USDT and WETH-WBTC)
  3. Select the OTC tab
  4. View and complete your order before the offer expires

Start trading like a whale with Matcha OTC today! ?

As always, Matcha aims to provide the most user-friendly experience for discovering and accessing tokens in the cryptocurrency world. Matcha allows you to trade without a middleman and find the best prices for you on all major exchanges such as Uniswap (V2 and V3), SushiSwap, Kyber, Curve, and more. Why trade on one exchange when you can trade on all of them? Start trading on Matcha today!


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