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NFT PlatformNFT Pre-Sale

NFT pre-sale platform-Mintyscore

Minty's upcoming NFT pre-sales platform

NFT pre-sale platform-Mintyscore


NFT pre-sale platform-Mintyscore
Minty A dedicated team has been established to track NFT projects and provide up-to-date information to help users evaluate NFT. currently, there are three different types of rankings.
Forthcoming projects.Ranking of unpublished projects.
Influencer.Ranking of prominent NFT influencers.
Existing projects.Ranking of initiated projects.
We ranked the projects and influencers based on the following factors.
  • Social volume.Number of Discord and Twitter followers.
  • Community Engagement.Number of tweet mentions and thumbs-ups.
  • Trading volume.Base price and price changes.
  • NFTNumber: Influencers haveof NFTQuantity.
  • MintyScore.Scores generated by the Minty scoring system.

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