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NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

Ranked NFT rarities! Check out the rarest CryptoPunks, Bored Apes, Meebits, Gutter Cats, and more!


NFT Rarity Search Tool


NFT Rarity Search Tool rarity.toolsis a website dedicated to ranking generated art and collectible NFTs by rarity.

The NFT projects currently included on the site are CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Waifusion, Chubbies and Bored Ape Yacht Club

NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

Why a rare ranking site?

One of the most common questions people ask in the discord of collecting NFT items is "how rare is mine".

This is because rarity is one of the most important factors (if notof(the most important factor) in determining the value of the individual NFT.

People want to know how rare their NFT is, or if the NFT they are considering buying is rare. andHow rare it isWhat is it?


rarity.tools is designed to prov IDE is an easy to understand and wise ranking of the rarity of individual collections of NFT that can be used to easily answer questions about how rare any NFT is in their collection.

With this information, NFT collectors can more easily assess and compare the relative value of individual NFTs.

NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

How does rarity.tools ranking work?

Overall, each feature of a single NFT has aRarity ScoreThen the rarity scores of all the features of this NFT are summed to become the overall NFTRarity Score

Then, all the NFTs in the set are divided by their totalRarity ScorePerform ranking.

Here is an example.

NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

Customized rankings for each project

Every collectible NFT community has a different opinion about NFT.

For example, the CryptoPunks community pays a lot of attention to the "attribute count" of each CryptoPunk, which is why the only CryptoPunk with 7 attributes is ranked as the rarest. On the other hand, other communities don't really care about attribute counts.

The Waifusion community places a lot of emphasis on matching outfits and styles. For example, one of the reasons Alita is a top Waifusion is because she is the only one who matches Wacdonalds tops and bottoms with.NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

In many cases, these characteristics or qualities are not encoded in the underlying characteristics.

In the case of Waifusion, its raw feature data did not include any "top and bottom matching" features, so naively ranking Waifusions to its base feature data would not assign a high enough value to waifus with matching tops and bottoms.NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

Since each collectible NFT community rates NFT differently, rarity.tools customizes the ranking of each item by adding additional "derived characteristics".

For example, in the case of Waifusion and Chubbies, the "top-down match" feature was added and factored into the total rarity score of the individual NFTs.NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

In addition, we are always looking to add additional feature data as it becomes available. For example, in the case of Hashmasks, once we have detailed mask-specific data, we can add these data.

Community Lead Ranking

Because we want our services to provide maximum value to each NFT community, soWe'd love to hear your thoughts on adjusting your rankings!

So, if you have any feedback or suggestions, you can tweet them on Twitter athttps://twitter.com/raritytoolsSend us a tweet, or better yet, just a direct message on twitter, as it's hard to keep track of mentions.

Rarity is not everything

While rarity is important when evaluating NFT, it is not the only factor one should consider.

Some NFTs may have unique aesthetics, while some NFTs may have a unique combination of characteristics that cannot be explained. So don't make rarity the only determining factor.

Most of the individual NFTs in the set of generated NFTs are unique 1 when all their feature combinations are considered.

So the value of each one depends on you!

In addition: ultra-fast filtration.

NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

As you can see from the website, rarity.tools offers not only rarity ranking, but also extremely fast filtering of NFT sets by feature. In most cases, the filtering is practically instantaneous.

In addition, if you narrow it down further, you can "drill down" to see how many NFTs are present.

For example, when opening theIn the case of downward drilling modeAfter selecting "Shiny", you can quickly see only 3 shiny snowmen on the left.

Also: recently listed

You can also view the most recently listed NFTs in each collection as well as prices from OpenSea. Viewing them on rarity.tools allows you to quickly see their rarity levels and feature rarity scores.NFT rarity query tool-rarity.tools

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