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NFTGO - NFT Market Data Visualization

NFT市场数据可视化‌ 专业和多种 NFT 市场数据指标 NFTGO 收集并可视化全网 NFT 资产交易量的实时数据,专门满足用户的需求。用户可以通过 NFTGO 平台全面了解 NFT 市场趋势,优化...



Professional and multiple NFT Market Data Indicators

NFTGO collects and visualizes real-time data on the volume of NFT assets traded across the network, specifically to meet the needs of users. The NFTGO platform allows users to gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends and optimize their NFT purchase and investment decisions by.
The latest data on NFT Markets, including market capitalization, total volume, total trading volume, and the number of NFTs and their holders, especially the respective trends over the last 24 hours.
NFTGO - NFT Market Data Visualization


NFTGO has its own listing process for NFT projects, ensuring that the data provided by NFTGO truly and accurately reflects mainstream NFT market trends.

NFTGO - NFT Market Data Visualization

Game/Collectibles/Art/Metaverse past 24h/7d/30d trend bar graphs

Take CryptoKitties as an example.
NFTGO provides users with basic information about the NFT projects they are looking for, such as hyperlinks to their home page, trading coins, contracts, rankings and asset classes (in this case, collections). In addition, they can access real-time information, share it with friends or their community members, and view favorite content.

NFTGO - NFT Market Data Visualization

They can also obtain information about their market performance and improve their investment decisions based on trader statistics, total value, trading volume, NFTs launched, holders and liquidity.
You can refresh it in real time, share it with your friends or community, and judge its popularity by the number of likes.

NFTGO - NFT Market Data Visualization

Also find specific information about any NFT, including the value of the most popular trending NFTs, recently created NFTs, and pricing of different NFT assets by category.

NFTGO - NFT Market Data Visualization

More importantly, NFTGO has compiled a comprehensive list of the top 10 NFTs in the industry and the distribution of their respective token holders. This is a great guide list for new entrants to the NFT ecosystem.
NFTGO - NFT Market Data Visualization

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