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Nifty Gateway NFT

Nifty Gateway was founded with a very simple mission - to make NFT available to everyone.


Nifty Gateway NFT


Nifty Gateway 平台可以用于购买和管理 NFT,目前支持的加密货币游戏和应用包括加密猫(CryptoKitties)、OpenSea、Gods Unchained 等项目。NTF 是区块链上的一种独特的资产,与其他加密货币不同,不可互换且不具有统一性。NTF 独一无二的属性非常适合用于创作加密收藏品和加密艺术品。

The Nifty Gateway platform allows users to purchase items using a credit or debit card. The future of Nifty looks promising as more and more real and digital world collections transition to the blockchain.

Nifty Gateway NFT

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