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Sabre is an open trading and liquidity platform with a global reach, and Sabre is an automated market maker for assets traded on Solana.






Official Document Introduction


What is Saber

Saberis an automated market maker and liquidity pool on Solana, designed to enable extremely efficient trading between similarly priced (pegged) assets with no opportunity cost.

This trading activity generates fees for liquidity providers, resulting in safer, lower-risk betting opportunities that represent real-world trading volumes.


Asset Type

Sabre usually allows trading between assets that imply price retreats. Sabre specializes in the following types of assets.

  • Dollar stabilized coin. There are hundreds of USD-based stablecoins available, including USD-backed ones such as USDC Tether , decentralized stable coins such as UST and native Solana stable coins such as Cashio .
  • Bridging assets. There are a large number of bridges to Solana, and Sabre is the main source of liquidity for exchanges between different bridging assets. An example is renBTC-BTC pool, which allows for the use of the Bitcoin Ren FTX versions are exchanged between them. Many stablecoins are also bridging assets; Sabre is the primary way for Solana users to navigate between chains.
  • Pledged derivatives. Sabre is the largest venue for trading SOL pledged derivatives, such as Marinade SOL Lido SOL .



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