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Phantom is an extension for accessing distributed applications deployed on the Solana blockchain.




Friendly crypto wallet for tokens, NFT and DeFi. Phantom Make it easy, safe and fun for everyone to explore all that Web3 has to offer.

The extension injects an object into the javascript context of each website so that decentralized applications can interact with your wallet and you can interact with the application. Phantom also allows users to create and manage their own identity (via private keys, helper tokens, and hardware wallets like Ledger), so when decentralized applications want to execute transactions and write to the blockchain, users get a secure interface to view the transactions, before approving or rejecting them. Because it adds functionality to the normal browser context, Phantom requires permission to read and write to any web page. Security is taken very seriously, and Phantom code has been audited by top auditing firms.

Do more with your cryptocurrency

- Instant trading with ultra-low fees

- A beautiful home for NFT and tokens

- Use your favorite websites in our browser


We guarantee your safety

- You have full control of your assets

- Your privacy is respected by 100%

- Independently audited by a top security firm


The most advanced crypto wallet

- Place your tokens in just a few clicks

- Built-in exchange is fast and easy

- Stay safe with biometric authentication

Just deposit some cryptocurrency into Phantom and start using Web3 right away!

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