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DODO Swap is a decentralized trading platform powered by an active market maker (PMM) algorithm. It features a highly capital-efficient liquidity pool that supports liquidity provision for unilateral tokens, reduces impermanent losses, and minimizes slippage when trading.







DODO Swap is a decentralized trading platform powered by an active market maker (PMM) algorithm. It features a highly capital efficient liquidity pool that supports liquidity provision for unilateral tokens, reduces impermanent losses, and minimizes slippage when trading.DODO also offers SmartTrade - a decentralized liquidity aggregator service that finds and intelligently routes to various liquidity sources to quote the best price between any two tokens. In addition, DODO removes various restrictions on establishing liquidity pools for new assets, with the freedom to define and adjust asset ratios, liquidity depth, fee rates, etc. in real time. The threshold for new asset issuance is minimized. Based on this, DODO has developed crowdfunding pool building (a license-free, equal opportunity liquidity issuance mechanism) and a customizable and flexible technical solution for professional in-chain market makers.

Product description

DODO's suite of decentralized exchange products includes smart aggregated trading, crowdfunding pool building/new asset liquidity issuance, pooling and mining (including liquidity mining, transaction mining and syndication). It integrates with various wallet applications through which users can interact with the platform.

  • Smart aggregation trading:

DODO is built on Ethereum and the Cryptocurrency Smartchain (BSC) and enables trading between two arbitrary tokens on the same network. It intelligently finds the best order routing from liquidity sources to provide traders with the best price and lowest slippage. Users who execute trades on DODO also have the option to participate in trade mining and receive DODO token rewards.

  • Crowdfunding to build pools.

Crowdfunding to build pools is an equal opportunity way to distribute tokens and initiate liquid markets. Inspired by the common mechanism of hitting the new market in securities markets equal opportunity ensures that there is no scientist rush or bot interference. With the additional security provided by the liquidity protection period, users can participate in the liquidity offering campaign with peace of mind and actually support their favorite projects.

  • Market making.

DODO gives liquidity providers the flexibility to create and manage their own market making strategies through the DODO Public Pool and the DODO Private Pool. It is a completely license-free, non-custodial process throughout, and users are empowered to configure the various parameters of their pools to create liquidity markets with ideal pricing curves that suit their needs.

  • Mining.

In addition to the aforementioned transaction mining and traditional liquidity mining, pool creators and liquidity providers can also participate in joint mining to give DODO platform users ready access to trending and promising projects that are willing to work with DODO. Projects that pass the vetting process can create liquidity pools on DODO, and the liquidity providers of these pools can be rewarded with DODO tokens.

  • Active market maker algorithm.

Active Market Maker Algorithm PMM is a new on-chain market making model. It differs from the non-constant function market maker model by splitting out the transaction-to-asset relationship. Parameters such as asset ratios and curve slopes can be set flexibly. It is also possible to introduce a prognostic machine to guide prices or on-chain by the market for price discovery. It gathers more capital around the market price and provides sufficient liquidity.

Advantages of DODO#

  • The Active Market Making (PMM) algorithm was developed entirely in-house by the team and is an elegant on-chain version of the order book trading system model. It is tuned and optimized for operation on the blockchain and has proven its high performance and capital efficiency in the real world (see its volume/lockup ratio), with many innovative and flexible use cases in market making.
  • DODO provides the ability to issue new assets at the lowest cost, allowing anyone to issue new assets at a low cost and create a more liquid pool of funds through crowdfunding. Restrictions on the ratio of funds to tokens are lifted, and restrictions on the starting price are removed.
  • DODO can support professional market makers to make markets efficiently on the chain. Any project owner and market maker or individual can adjust parameters such as market mid-price, liquidity depth and order spread to achieve a complete, efficient and flexible market making strategy. This liquidity can also be shared with other smart contracts on the chain.
  • DODO is both a DEX and an aggregator; DODO has its own liquidity pool and also supports the exchange of any token across the market
  • The DODO economic model introduces a membership system and a fee share mechanism. vDODO, in addition to the governance function, also enables fee discounts and subscriptions to IDO shares. The membership system vDODO credentials not only enjoy the benefits of DODO, but also get the commission dividends and membership rewards of the whole platform

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