How to customize Chatgpt bots and deploy them to the Telegram platform

How to customize Chatgpt Roboticsand deploy it to Telegram Platform


Custom deployment requiredChatGPTTelegraphic Contact:DexDao123


Preparation for Deployment

PrefaceChatgpt bot is a bot based onOpenAIChatbots with natural language understanding and generation capabilities
The power to engage with users intelligentlyConversation. On the Telegram platform, the Chatgpt bot can act as an intelligent customer service
or intelligent assistants that provide a variety of services and support for users.
      Before you start customizing the Chatgpt bot and deploying it to the Telegram platform, there are a few preparatory tasks that need to be done

How to customize Chatgpt bots and deploy them to the Telegram platformwork, including registering for an OpenAI account and creatingAPIkey, create Telegram Bot account and get API Token, install Python and related dependency libraries, and download Chatgpt Bot source code.

A. Register OpenAI account and create API key

In order to use Chatgpt bot, you need to register OpenAI account and create API key. You can visit the official OpenAI website ( to register and follow the official documentation to create the API key. After successful creation, save the API key and you will use it later.

B. Create Telegram Bot account and get API Token

To create a Bot account on the Telegram platform, you need to search for BotFather in Telegram, enter the BotFather account, and then follow the instructions to create it. After creation, BotFather will generate an API Token, which will be saved for backup.

C. InstallationPythonand related dependency libraries

Chatgpt bots are developed using the Python language, so you need to install Python and related dependency libraries. This can be done on the official website ( Download and install Python, and install related dependency libraries, including python-telegram-bot and openai.

D. Download Chatgpt bot source code

The source code for the Chatgpt bot can be downloaded on GitHub (, you can see the source code file after unpacking. You can modify and customize the source code according to your needs, and then deploy it to Telegram platform.

After completing the installation of Python and related dependency libraries, it's time to download the Chatgpt bot source code. The open source Chatgpt bot project can be found on GitHub, or you can clone it directly from the command line using the git command.

Clone the Chatgpt bot project locally using the following command from the command line.

git clone

After the cloning is completed, enter the chatgpt directory to view the project file structure and source code. the main files of the Chatgpt bot include,, and, etc., where contains the configuration parameters of the Chatgpt bot, contains the main logic code of the bot, and contains the wrapper code for the OpenAI GPT model.

Before proceeding, you need to set the bot's parameters, such as Telegram Bot's API Token, OpenAI API Key, GPT model ID, etc., according to the requirements of You can register on the official website of OpenAI and apply for the API Key, or you can use the existing API Key. similarly, you need to register on the official website of Telegram Bot and create a bot to get the API Token.

Once you have completed these steps, you can go to the file and start the Chatgpt bot code writing and debugging.


Deploy bots to Telegram platform

A. UsengrokPerforming intranet penetration

In order to enable Telegram server to access Chatgpt bot, you need to use an intranet penetration tool to map the local port to the public network. Among them, ngrok is a popular free intranet penetration tool that enables fast and easy port mapping. The specific steps are as follows.

  1. Register an account on the ngrok official website and download the ngrok client for the appropriate platform.
  2. Start the ngrok client and map the local port to the public network using the following command.
    . /ngrok http
  3. After executing the above command, the ngrok client will display a public URL, which is the address of the penetrated intranet. Copy the URL for backup.

B. Configure Telegram Bot Webhook

Before deploying the Chatgpt bot to the Telegram platform, you need to configure the Telegram Bot's Webhook to be able to deliver messages sent by users to the Chatgpt bot. The specific steps are as follows.

  1. Open the Telegram Bot account and send the following command to BotFather to set up the Webhook.
  2. /setWebhook url=/<Telegram Bot's API Token

    Where, ngrok public URL is the URL obtained in the previous step, and Telegram Bot's API Token is the Token obtained during the creation of the Bot.

  3. After executing the above command, BotFather will return a success message, indicating that the Webhook configuration was successful


C. Launch Chatgpt bot

Once you have completed the above preparations, you can start the Chatgpt bot and deploy it to the Telegram platform. The specific steps are as follows.

  1. Switch to the Chatgpt bot's source directory in the terminal and install the required Python dependencies with the following command.
    pip install -r requirements.txt
  2. Modify the file and replace the TELEGRAM_TOKEN and NGROK_URL parameters in it with the API Token and ngrok public URL obtained in Telegram Bot and ngrok respectively.
  3. Start the Chatgpt bot in the terminal with the following command.
  4. python

After executing the above command, the Chatgpt bot will start running and can be interacted with through the Telegram Bot account.

These are all the steps to deploy Chatgpt bot to Telegram platform


Test Chatgpt bot

After deploying the bot, you can test the Chatgpt bot in Telegram. Search for and open the Chatgpt bot in Telegram, and click the "Start" button to start a conversation with the bot.

You can send a text message to the bot, such as "Hello" or "Can you help me?", and wait for the bot to reply. Depending on the robot'sResponse effect, the model parameters can be adjusted and optimized to improve the accuracy and naturalness of the robot's responses.

The effectiveness of Chatgpt bot responses can be adjusted and optimized by.

  1. Adding datasets: Additional datasets can be added to the Chatgpt bot to enhance its language model and conversational capabilities.
  2. Tuning model parameters: The hyperparameters of the Chatgpt bot, such as learning rate, batch size, and number of training rounds, can be modified to improve the response of the bot.
  3. Optimizing generation strategies: Different generation strategies, such as GREY, BEAM SEARCH and TOP-K SAMPLING, can be used to improve the quality and diversity of bot responses.
  4. Add contextual information: More contextual information can be added to the Chatgpt bot, such as user history conversation records and profile information, to enhance the bot's conversation awareness.
By continuously adjusting and optimizing the response effect of Chatgpt bot, a high-quality and intelligent chatbot can be created to meet users' multiple conversation needs and application scenarios.


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