Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

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Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform


Dexfilter on-chain screening platform


Dexfilter is an on-chain filtering platform website that provides advanced data, queues, and lots of information for various blockchains. Let's explore together.

and learn how the platform works.


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Dexfilter on-chain screening platform



Step 1

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

Select BSC chain or ETH chain, and click New paris to filter out only new token projects that have been online for 24 hours.

Step 2

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

Selector BSC chain, the picture shows the filtering conditions for filtering items, each filtering condition can be individually filtered or combined filtering.

Step 3

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

Select the filtering conditions, the filtered items will be displayed below, the picture above we can clearly see the basic indicators of the project, price changes, data details, to facilitate us to clearly see the data of each project.

Step 4

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

Click on any of the filter results and a more detailed list will be displayed on the right.


Step 5

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

As shown above, the detailed list can help us understand the basic information of the project more intuitively, and click the icon to jump to the corresponding URL about the project.

Coin profile, this profile can help you analyze whether the project is a gold dog or a good project, generally only look at three important indicators, daily volume, liquidity pool size, and holder.

The four time periods in between can help us analyze whether the program is active or not.

Pixi detection is whether the project is a fraudulent project, as shown in the figure all indicators of the project are displayed to help us determine the security risks of the project, but here we have to remind everyone that some projects contract code is able to avoid the detection mechanism of the Pixi detection, even if the Pixi detection is not Pixi disk, but still can go through the loopholes of the Pixi detection mechanism to avoid, so here or remind everyone that investment has risk, have to be careful.


Step 6

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

When you click on the Analyze button, the data becomes graphical data, which allows you to analyze all the data of the project more visually. Each indicator has 5 time periods to choose from, and the higher the time period you choose, the longer the data will be displayed.


Step 7

Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

On the left is to see the K-line On the right is to see the chart analysis We click on the K-line button on the left


Dexfilter on-chain screening platform

This K-line chart is familiar to everyone, I will not do too much introduction, the bottom of the chart is the red box range is the transaction sequence, you can check the amount of the transaction, whether the transaction for the current 100 largest wallet address holding tokens, the first 100 wallet address holding the most tokens is a very important trading indicator, general project pool fluctuations with the first 100 wallet address trading There is a great correlation between the fluctuation of the project pool and the trading of the top 100 wallets, so always grasp the trading trend of the top 100 wallets can help us analyze when to buy and sell. Of course, analysis of the rise and fall of a project can not rely on this indicator, new holders, the number of transactions, transaction volume and other indicators are to be referred to in the analysis of judgment.

The platform's functional indicators are the most comprehensive data platform I've encountered so far, and the filtering function is my favorite, which saves us from looking for projects one by one by filtering the corresponding projects through multiple layers of filtering indicators.

How to screen out the golden dog project through the screening platform depends on how you go screening, here I also hope that you can screen the golden dog through the screening platform, you can share in the comments section below to screen out quality projects through the platform, we share together, you can also leave a message in the comments section if you do not understand the problem, I will answer.


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