Cryptos Boy (CB) Crypto Boy Project Introduction

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Cryptos Boy (CB) Crypto Boy Project Introduction


Cryptos Boy (CB) Crypto Boy Project Introduction
I. Project Introduction
The Cryptos Boy (CB) Crypto Boy project was intended to be a no-rigging, no-scam release, a tribute to all the boys who have entered the crypto world by mistake. CB tokens were launched fairly on April 6, 2022, with a bottom pool of 0.2bnb, no pre-sales, no pre-launches, no blacklists, no whitelists, no bots opening rushes, no rat positions, and all holders were purchased for real. The first time after the launch of the tokens throw permission to lock the pool for a year. The total supply is 2.1 billion, of which 1 billion is locked for one year (for subsequent marketing and ecological development) and 1.1 billion is circulated in the market.
II. Project mechanism
CB program, buy slippage of 1, all into the pool; sell slippage of 3, 1 into the pool, 1 marketing, 1 dividendcake (holding more than 1000w).
1, mechanism against clips. Numerous facts prove that the good project can't withstand the tossing of clips. Set as a dividend coin, gas is high compared to 0 slippage project, can effectively prevent clips.
2, mechanism to prevent smashing. ①The initial bottom pool is 0.2bnb, the initial large sellers are limited to the price impact, can not smash the plate. ② hold more than 1000w coins to have a dividend, the retailer concessions to large households, to encourage large households to hold coins to dividend.
3, the mechanism to help take off. ①The initial pool is small, a hundred times ten thousand times easily, at any time out of the circle. ② buy and sell slippage active in the pool, the pool is getting thicker and thicker, the foundation is getting more and more solid.
III. Development Stage
1. Build a solid foundation phase. "Cryptos Boy community, always believes in the foundation of people. Twitter, telegrams, WeChat from scratch, all live people, no zombies, everything is only true. We firmly believe that only real, there is consensus. Other people circle (cheat) the wealth, we circle (gather) the people wealth.
2. Consensus stage for large investors. We encourage holding coins to disperse without large households. However, in view of the Buddhist promotion, it is inevitable that some people enter early and some enter late. The early entry, inevitably become large households. Therefore, the prospect of large household consensus for a project speaks for itself. This is why we only distribute dividends to those who hold millions of coins. We adopt the operating system of a joint-stock company and discourage the dispersion of equity to each investor. Scattered shareholding is not conducive to shareholder consensus. At present, the top ten coin holders have reached a flexible consensus and independently choose the following three strategies: ① add pools and make market makers; ② lock their positions independently to show their sincerity; ③ airdrop the community to help promote marketing.
3、Route planning stage
With Dao as the guide, follow the people-oriented route: ①100 people with real coin-holding addresses to open Tencent member hot chat; ②1000 people with real coin-holding addresses on double c; ③10000 people with real coin-holding addresses to open the ecology. The roadmap and white paper, have been developed and continuously improved.
(1) Vision: Our vision is to make a decentralized and fully Dao crypto social software.
Global online stranger social market is expanding, with North America and Europe as the major markets. The global online stranger traditional social networking market size has been increasing year by year since 2017, and according to Statista, the global online stranger social networking market size will reach USD 6.6 billion in 2020, of which North America and Europe are the major markets, accounting for 23% and 22% of the global online stranger social networking services market in 2020, respectively; according to Statista According to Statista, the global online stranger social market is expected to reach US$10 billion by 2025. The encrypted boy social application will completely break the drawbacks of traditional social applications and help you achieve a completely "untraceable" social network without being monitored by any organization or individual or violating your privacy, which has a huge market value.
(2) Value: You can use CB payments to unlock some features and earn money.
Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea markets have a stronger ability to pay; the Middle East and Southeast Asia are expected to achieve rapid user growth. According to Hootsuite's "digital 2021" report, Internet users in Europe and the United States generally account for more than 85% of the total population, the Internet market is more mature, the social media application market space is larger, and the per capita payment capacity is stronger. Encrypted social projects in Europe and the U.S. market can continue to obtain stable cash flow. The per capita payment level in the European and American markets is much higher than that in Southeast Asia, South Asia and other regions. With the continued strength of crypto boy social applications in the European and American markets, the project is expected to obtain a larger user base to achieve larger revenue in the future.
Contract address: 0xa3a6DDA437B6A2e287ED20F09C2e38cE041F22cA
Official Telegraph: @CryptosboyDao
Official Twitter:
Official website:
The world belongs to believers. You just have to choose to believe and promote it. You are welcome to join us.


White Paper

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Cryptos Boy (CB) Crypto Boy Project Introduction


Cryptos Boy (CB) Crypto Boy Project Introduction
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