Samsung invests $25 million in metaverse startup DoubleMe

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Samsung invests $25 million in metaverse startup DoubleMe


Samsung Group has been closely monitoring developments in the metaverse space. in January 2022, Samsung launched Samsung 837X, a metaverse store.

Not long ago.Samsung invests $25 million in South Korea-based metaverse startup DoubleMe.

Samsung invests $25 million in metaverse startup DoubleMe

And some major Korean companies such as Coentry Investment and NH Investment have also invested in DoubleMe. Also DoubleMe is backed by large global companies such as Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

Co-founded in 2015 by HeeYounk Kim, Michael Kuczynski and Albert Kim, DoubleMe is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for converting 2D video to 3D video.

There is no doubt thatDoubleMe provides the infrastructure for building the metaverse scene, especially when the company launched TwinWorld, a metaverse platform focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR).

Many foresaw that DoubleMe would grow into a behemoth in the Crypto and meta-universe scenes, and TwinWorld attracted a lot of attention from potential users, partners and investors.

DoubleMe's focus in the AR space is on creating synergies that connect the physical and virtual dimensions. Samsung's financial investment has provided a strong boost to the development of DoubleMe.

These funds will be used to improve marketing, staffing, product development, etc. In addition, TwinWorld is expected to be converted into a commercial product soon.

Samsung invests $25 million in metaverse startup DoubleMe

DoubleMe, currently valued at $4.5 million, is steadily growing.

The Korean government and private companies have laid out the NFT and meta-universe fields.The Korean government has developed a five-year plan to make the country the world's leading metaverse nation.

About 200 companies in Korea have signed this agreement. It opens the door for Korea to adopt blockchain technology on a large scale and develop the metaverse and NFT fields.

Large companies like SK Group, LG and Samsung have been looking at projects in the meta-universe and NFT markets for a long time and have helped DoubleMe to get funding.

Samsung has invested in a technology based on a dream, and forward-thinking companies like DoubleMe and Samsung are making the "future" evolve rapidly in the here and now.

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