2 days on the floor price of 20ETH Moonbirds history

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2 days on the floor price of 20ETH Moonbirds history


April 16 with 2.5ETH the price of the official public sale, a total of 7,875 pieces, sold out within a few hours, according to the price of ETH dollars, the sale raised about $ 66 million, it is reported that the proceeds of 100% directly to True Ventures-backed web3 media company PROOF Holdings Inc.

On April 17, 24-hour trading volume had exceeded $110 million, while the floor price gradually climbed to 19.69 ETH as of 11:00 a.m. on April 18.

On April 18, Moonbirds #3904 sold for 150 ETH, or about $457,000, the highest transaction value in the NFT series.

2 days on the floor price of 20ETH Moonbirds historyAdmittedly, the NFT market is highly involuted, but Moonbirds seems to have easily won the attention of the market.

ETH Moonbirds is a series of 10,000 bird-based NFT avatars from the podcast PROOF, a high-quality podcast focused on the NFT space founded by Kevin Rose, Partner at True Ventures. Of the 10,000, 2,000 were offered to PROOF Collective NFT holders via a free mint, 125 were distributed by the Moonbirds team, and the remaining 7,875 were minted for 2.5 ETH each by those who received a permission list through an open drawing.

2 days on the floor price of 20ETH Moonbirds history

Moonbirds was created inEtherThe network has different characteristics for each bird, indicating their rarity. It was originally launched as a Dutch-style auction from 2.5 ETH, but due to high demand, the team opted for raffle and permission list sales (permission lists are usually used to prevent bot attacks from dropping demand). nft thousands, why are Moonbirds so popular?

Moonbirds reportedly promise more than many other NFT projects, which explains why demand is so strong despite the high price of Mint. Moonbirds superficially resemble cute little bird characters, but they are actually PROOF"Practical NFT".

PROOF had great success with the launch of PROOF Collective, a private membership club of only 1,000 NFT collectors and artists. the first offering of PROOF Collective, called Grails, showcases ultra-rare works from companies like Larva Labs and Tyler Hobbs, as well as its NFT holders in this access category have special access to PROOF's private Discord, early access to the latest podcasts, offline events, and more. In past episodes, PROOF has also featured Beeple, GaryVee, John Crain (SuperRare CEO), Gabby Dizon (co-founder of YGG), Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit), Tyler Hobbs (creator of Fidenza) and many other most well-known artists, practitioners and other industry leaders in the NFT field discuss the most cutting-edge topics in the NFT field, and their content is quite influential in the industry. The content is very influential in the industry.

2 days on the floor price of 20ETH Moonbirds history

According to its CEO Kevin Rose's account and official content, Moonbirds holders will have roughly three kinds of access.For one, Moonbirds holders will be able to unlock membership to a number of private clubs, including access to PROOF's private Discord for closed-door discussions and more. Secondly, Moonbirds holders will have access to Project Highrise, PROOF's next metaverse project. Thirdly, Moonbirds themselves will have some special features that will allow Moonbird holders to put their Moonbird into a "Nesting" state.

2 days on the floor price of 20ETH Moonbirds historyOfficials say Nesting will launch a few days after the auction is completed.Officials will calculate the length of the current nesting cycle and the cumulative nesting time. Both will have different rewards, and PROOF has not yet officially announced the specific rules for nesting rewards. After entering the locked state of nesting, Moonbirds will not be able to pass through the OpenSea The purpose of this setting is to prevent some of the common remote function call phishing tactics, such as secondary market transactions (which will be prompted when the buyer places an order), but can still be transferred to other addresses by hand-signing within the website provided by PROOF.

In addition, PROOF will receive 5% of all Tier 2 sales, which will be used to continue to hire additional full-time employees, fund operations and create more value for the community.


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