NEAR public chain has a promising future

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NEAR public chain has a promising future


NEAR public chain has a promising future

Extending scalability, high transaction volumes, rapid improvement development, and a few key upcoming metrics: NEAR protocol staffIt is moving forward to advance a new step in history.


Near Protocol is a development platform built on a sub, proof-of-interest, first layer blockchain designed to be effective. It consists of a permissionless layer, independent cryptocurrency base, monetary policy and computing resources. The result of technology such as the extensive, de-world development center developers of 90 researchers andGoogleofEffort.Results, ,MetaMemSQL.

Nearby's original protocol is perfect and its fundamentally different benefits will drive the simple value of its past use and therefore is the pragmatic standard of pragmatism. Nearby is a developer for the first layer of blockchain platform, prioritizing the experience of developers and end users is what will enable its long-term success.

Blockchain Architecture

Near the core of the carrier's cloud validation staff, is a carrier and a partner of the carrier, there are vendors to protect the network resources market. On the vendor (currently 100 nodes are incentivized. On the demand side, development is ultimately the main focus of the user platform.

There is an inherently difficult dilemma in Layer 1 protocols, which is the biggest barrier to adoption and success. First and foremost, but as long as the user experience is usually secure with the user platform. The most interesting thing for adoption developers is to ensure that the sustainability of their applications will be proof of long-term revenue. In addition, network operators want more major revenue to be generated as equity. The equivalent of something of value.

The basic solution to this trilemma is that as demand for tokens grows from new users and developers, the use of applications on the network will increase. The network's validators will then earn higher revenues as fewer tokens are pledged and more tokens are burned, thus increasing the revenue for the validators. With this economic flywheel, fees are reduced while still compensating the verifier, so the end user is happy as a token holder, thus increasing the security of the network.

NEAR and ETH 2.0

To paraphrase Naval Ravikant, "Near looks like the roadmap for Ether 2.0, only it has already been implemented." The goal of Ether 2.0 is to be a sharded, proof-of-stake, EVM-compatible, Layer 1 blockchain that enables cheap, fast transactions while being friendly to the environment and developers. the launch of Simple Nightshade launches Near's goal of becoming a fully sharded and secure blockchain.

Near uses a delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism that currently allows 2500-3000 transactions per second. It consists of slices and verifier seats that grow linearly with network demand (100 verifier seats per slice); thus, lowering the barrier to entry and allowing for large-scale adoption in the future. The network is fault-tolerant through Byzantine It is assumed that activity is optimized instead of security, resulting in a final certainty of less than 2 seconds for all transactions.

The major difference between Near and Ether 2.0 is that Near uses a single chain to slice each block, rather than a beacon chain. This ensures consensus data availability while mitigating sharding-level attacks. Dynamic repartitioning is expected to go live in late 2022, which will allow the network to keep transaction costs low while achieving higher throughput. At the same time, this approach is environmentally friendly: Near was awarded the South Pole Prize in February 2021. Certified as carbon neutral .

Developer-centric protocols

However, the protocol's strongest competitive advantage over alternative Layer 1 blockchains is its developer-friendliness. Near prides itself on a developer-first protocol that focuses on the developer experience to encourage adoption and use of the web. Since the nodes run Web Assembly, developers can write applications using Rust or Assembly Script; therefore, developers do not need to learn a new programming language to start developing on Near.

In addition, Near has its own Layer 2 protocol Aurora It is compatible with EVM, allowing current Ether developers to run their applications seamlessly on Near at a fraction of the cost. Aurora offers a block-out time of 1 second, determinism of 2 seconds, and a per-transaction speed of approximately 0.02 The $ price helps bridge the gap between Ether and Near. This low barrier to entry has led to significant developer adoption over the past few years.

Analyze growth

According to Power Capital s data, Near is one of the most full-time monthly active developers in any alternative first tier blockchain.

NEAR public chain has a promising future

They have one of the fastest growing ecosystems, with the total number of developers growing in the last 2 years 4 times. This high developer growth rate is a key indicator that adoption and use of the protocol will continue into the near future.

Developer Incentives

NEAR public chain has a promising futureDevelopers can pay for gas and transaction costs if they believe the lifecycle value of the user will exceed the cost of gas. This provides predictable pricing for budgeting end-user expectations. 30%'s transaction fees are also used for smart contracts (distributed equally among all contracts used during the transaction), which provides a sustainable revenue stream for smart contract development. With 800 million With the announcement of the incentive fund, developers have another attractive reason to start building on Near.

In the process of getting started with blockchain-based applications and games, there are 95-97% The rate of decline. The protocol focuses on progressive security (high availability and low security, and vice versa). The intuitive account name ending in ".near" provides a simple user experience for new onboarding end users. In addition, Near's Delegated Proof of Consensus of Stake allows users to participate in ecosystem security rights in the native wallet application from their first interaction with the platform. This ease of use coupled with the low barrier to developers provides a core advantage to Near's long-term adoption.

Recent Catalysts

Near had several catalysts that made it a fundamentally attractive investment. At the end of January, they closed another investment led by Tiger Global in 350 million financing, which only adds to the stellar list of venture capital giants backing the Near ecosystem. According to Mesaree According to the company, Near is the third most commonly held asset in crypto funds as of the third quarter of 2021.

NEAR public chain has a promising future

In addition, the Near public chain will be listed on Coinbase's exchange in the coming months, which will help increase retail visibility in an unprecedented way. This also provides an opportunity to integrate Near NFT into Coinbase's upcoming NFT Marketplace Paving the way . Finally, on April 20, Near will announce the launch of their own native algorithmic stable in partnership with other well-capitalized stablecoins Coin $USN . They will offer very attractive Approx. 20% APR This will ignite a rotation of DeFi capital into the Near ecosystem, drawing locked-in total value from other alternative Layer 1 protocols.

With the surge in attractive stablecoin yields, this will lead to a significant increase in demand for Near to Terra ( $LUNA ) were compared. Terra's current market capitalization is approximately 40 billion And Near's market capitalization for $10 billion The above catalysts will strengthen Near's fundamentals in the short and long term and could lead to an appreciation in its market capitalization at least in the next few months. These catalysts will strengthen Near's fundamentals in the short and long term and could lead to an appreciation in its market value over the next few months at least 100% .

In short, the future is close at hand.


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