Big news, DC Comics will sell 200,000 Batman NFTs

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Big news, DC Comics will sell 200,000 Batman NFTs


Batman is here and DC will sell 200,000 Batman NFTs with a target of $60 million. This is the latest heavyweight news in the NFT field.

Wednesday.Warner Bros, DC Comics and Palm NFT Studio have launched a new NFT series "the Bat Cowl", featuring the superhero Batman.

Big news, DC Comics will sell 200,000 Batman NFTs

This latest digital offering will include 200,000 unique Batman NFTs spanning 83 years of the caped crusader's history.

April 26Warner Bros, DC Comics and Palm NFT Studio said they will cast a 3D version of NFT based on Batman's famous mask or hood, and provide the corresponding benefits.

These NFTs are priced at $300, which means Warner Bros. and DC Comics will receive $60 million.

NFT is blockchain-based data whose function is to establish ownership of digital items.

These "the Bat Cowl" NFTs will be created on Palm, a scalable, cost-reducing and transactional energy-efficient Ethernet sidechain solution.

The official Twitter feed of DC's "the Bat Cowl" states, "Instill fear in the hearts of others and you'll become Batman. The monster that heeds the call in the night."

Through "the Bat Cowl" NFT to obtain the bat mask, fans can get the corresponding rewards.NFT holders have access to a secret Web 3-based DC Universe fan forum.

In addition, fans will be able to purchase appropriate physical collectibles, choose to participate in fan gatherings and more.

Jim Lee, publisher and chief creative officer of DC Comics, said, "While Batman is one of the world's most famous superheroes with hundreds of millions of fans, his appearance has changed over the past 83 years."

Big news, DC Comics will sell 200,000 Batman NFTs

DC FanDome NFT is a superhero souvenir made last year and randomly distributed to annual active fans.

"the Bat Cowl" NFT release comes on the heels of Warner Bros.' theatrical release of "Batman," which earned more than $330 million at the U.S. box office and debuted the largest collection of Batman movies around in more than a decade.

With its unique authentication of digital asset ownership through blockchain technology, NFT has gained tremendous traction across the entertainment sector since the NFT craze began over a year ago.

As with many modern technologies, the image associated with NFT is only one component of a broader value proposition.

In this caseDC Comics is offering this NFT holder a two-year package with many additional benefits, features and services.

Jim Lee said "The wonderful thing about this incredible combination is that we are evolving the iconic Batmask around Batman and bringing it into the current digital world, making it more fan-owned and entertaining than ever before."

One of the key services offered by "the Bat Cowl" NFT is the introduction of emerging technologies, such as augmented reality and metaverse capabilities.

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